September 30, 2013

A fortune was spent by Aristide in an effort to generate a massive street demonstration as a protest against thr Michel Martelly presidency and as a remembrance of his September 29/30, 1991 removal from office by a nation that was truly tired of his murderous bands of criminals who killed opponents of Lavalas by hanging gasoline-soaked tires around the victim’s neck… then lighting this with a wooden match.

Dozens were killed in this barbarous manner.

Hundred were just shot to death or chopped apart with machetes. Remember Mireille Durocher-Bertin, murdered on Aristide/Preval’s direct order, March 28, 1995.

The Haitian people have no interest in this shadow from the past.

Time for the American to open the sealed indictments and extradite this puddle of poo to the States for his control of Haiti’s cocaine traffic.

Michel Martelly’s popularity, with the masses, has effectively buried Aristide.


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  1. I am understanding that Laurent Lamothe will soon be replaced by Garry Conille.

  2. I like this site, but based on the amount of people, you’re not fair at all. They had thousands of people in the street today. You have right to hate Aristide or Preval and adulate Martelly, but you have to be correct.

    1. You are in Brooklyn and I am in Haiti, at this moment. I was there and saw the manifestation. Perhaps I cheated a little bit, there might have been 400 people, but there wasn’t 500. I know that a lot of money was promised and now the people are upset because those who promised the cash didn’t come through..

      If you were here, talking with the people, you would realize the truth.

      Effectively, Aristide is forgotten. Sure, there are some people like Narcisse who try to stay in the limelight but the real people, those at the bottom of the hep, really don’t give a damn about Aristide and people like Narcisse just care about themselves.

      Aristide was given the opportunity to be the Nation’s greatest president. He got 67% of the 300,000 people who voted in 1990, even though records show that only slightly more than one percent of the votes were counted before the illegal French embassy radio station declared him winner, at 11AM voting day, and put the mob on the streets.

      I was in Port-au-Prince when that happened and it was truly frightening.

      I saw the bodies of those who were necklaced. I saw the body of a blind musician who was necklaced. Why he was necklaced, I do not know but he was horribly dead, no matter what.

      It is a true gift to the Nation that Aristide is now the past.

      People were promised big money – to put people on the streets yesterday – and when the mass of people did not show, these people did not pay. They will be hard-pressed to get any organizer of try and generate any mob in the future.

      Remember, other than the massive manifestations in 2003, there are no spontaneous demonstrations in Haiti. The size of the crowd usually reflects the budget. In Aristide’s case, a big budget could not get people to march, even though their children need food and a few dollars would help.

      There is a real message here.

      Think about it from the comfort of New York.

  3. These poor people are killing themselves. This is bad and nobody should be liking this. Wake up people this is exactly why tourist and investors will not come to the country. crazy demonstrations like this should be illegal. They are dangerous to people and the economy. Regular civilized protest are o.k but this is showing the world that your country is unstable. You are giving MINUSTAH a reason to STAY. Burning tires ruin the pavement. This will mess up the roads. Then your very own children and wives will be the ones killed because a bus flipped over in this same road conditions that you/they caused. My goodness wake up please HAITIANS. stop being partisan and start being patriotic. Their has been some recorded progress. Let us support that. There is no such thing as a perfect government. However, investors are coming. Stop scaring them away! They are your food/income source. We are not welcomed in the Dominican republic. The U.S stick us in Guantanamo. We need to fix Haiti so we can stay home.

  4. Aristide should be in jail for crimes perpetrated against this country. Give Martelly and Laurent Lamothe a chance to pull out Haiti out of poverty.

    1. Romeo-A lot of money was paid, by Aristide. A lot of money was promised. Some publications received cash up front, while organizers – who were supposed to pay demonstrators – didn’t come up with the cash. This situation will make it even more difficult for Aristide to do anything next time.

      Soon no one will march there at all.

      Romeo writes from a New Jersey address. We were at the manifestation and witnessed its failure. A few like Dr. Narcisse still believe but the Mob belongs to Martelly.

  5. When Aristide and Preval were Presidents, not even a good “latrine” was built for the masses. Now with Martelly, Haiti is being blessed with Hotels, Airports Nationwide, Highway systems, Free Public Education on a massive scale, Social programs like “Ede Pep”, Big improvement in Security (not as Security gratis ti cherie promised by Aristide), Hospitals, Foreign Investments, big change in our Judicial System, The restructuration of our Armed Forces, new Ports, new Bridges, new Beaches, new Schools/Universities, etc….As a matter of facts, Martelly is one of the Greatest Presidents in Haitian History. And, he still has 3 more years. Martelly has done in 2 years, what Lavalass (dirty water) could not do in 25 years. They should be ashamed of themselves. The Forces of Good will conquer the Forces of Evil. VIVE Martelly for 3 more years and VIVE Lamothe for another 5 Years. VIVE Haiti Cherie! VIVE Toussaint Louverture! VIVE Jean-Jacques Dessalines! VIVE L’honneur et la Fierte Nationale.

  6. Michael

    Dr Narcisse is a joker if not an Aristide Pimp… The fact that Aristide met with Martelly without her being there should have been an insult to her… She is an opportunist as far as I am concerned… She is ambitious and wants power… She has no clue…
    My issue with you was about the number of people that was at the march.. Either you are right or the video that I watched was tempted with… I have a hard time to believe that you are right…

    Personally, in any civilize country, Aristide and Preval would have been in jail…. but let me be clear… I do not believe for a second that Martelly and Lamothe are the answer for Haiti’s problems…. Martelly is indeed going down the dictatorship path and I do not think it is the answer for the country…. What is going on in Santo Domingo should make all of us concern of our country… not only our current and pevious Government are at fault… Clinton, Sheryl Mills and the elites are to blame as well…

    I knew the chicken issue with DR would have back fire… what the hell Lamothe was thinking….

    I think shooting on Martelly and Lamothe is fair but it is only 20% of our problem… We need to rise against Bill Clinton and the bourgeois who are selling our people to foreign country as slaves…. There is a bigger fight going on… I was a strong Martelly supporter but I do not see him taken the bull by the horn to solve our country problem… Granted, it will take years to solve but we have not started…. Too much rhetoric going on with a a bunch of parliamentarian BOZO and the executive while a lot of works need to be done… Get rid of all of them… Both branches… I am tired and frustrated…… Time for Haiti to rent a dumpster….

    1. You are right about many things.
      However, they sometimes use video from earlier events.

      I was there and there were no “thousands” marching for Aristide. The first lie was told upon Aristide’s arrival in Haiti when there was about 100 journalists, 100 airport workers and 100 supporters. Kim Ives reported tens of thousands.

      And this was with week’s worth of warning.
      On the other hand, Duvalier arrived, unannounced, and was swarmed by thousands who rushed to the airport.

      The chicken thing, like the plastic question, should only have been attacked when we had an alternative.

      We should be getting the peasants involved with chicken/egg production for personal use and sales. Before Aristide we had big chicken, egg operations like the Brandt facility with 54 huge buildings. It closed down and has only recently been opened up -partially – by Haiti Broilers. Chickens/eggs are more important than 5 Star hotels with no room service, let alone guests.

      Martelly has some flawed advisers.

      We are missing the 2 main promises. Security and Education.

      Martelly has a bad Parliament. The must take most of the blame for our current and coming problems.

  7. The September 30, 1991 coup was totally justified in removing the criminal Aristide from office. No doubt, he engineered the April 22 massacre, from which only HE had to gain. And, indeed, he did! FRAPH was a political party with a good chance at the next election. So, they had everything to lose from such an action. And they were way too intelligent not to see it!

  8. Michael Collins you are right on many points. Romeo does not know what he’s talking about. The left knows that they have failed the country and they are failing now. And they are so stupid that they can’t realize the more they talk and act the more they’re losing credibility. Did you see the joudalis asking the president a question about “anpil manifestasyon”? And the president asked him if he was watching the same TV programs he watched. He could not answer. On the day of an important event as sending more than one million children to school, providing them with school kits and uniforms, our joudalis chose a non-important event, a little shove of a joudalis, as the news du jour. It’s sad to observe that it is our intellectual elite who chooses to destroy Haiti and its reputation because they feel superior to the guy who is president, therefore they have to belittle him and his accomplishments. The biggest problem we have in Haïti is that the few literate people are mostly intellectually stupid. Konn li pa vle di lespri si yon moun pa ka respekte ti prensip de baz yo pa egzanp ke Martelly eli pou 5 an, ke antan ke prezidan peyi a li merite respè si yon moun respekte peyi l, ke sa pa vle di ou se fanatik si ou rekonet travay k’ap fèt yo, w’ap jis repòte yo paske tout sa ki bon pou peyi w elve imaj ak repitasyon peyi a. Pa kite hèn nou pou yon moun tounen hèn pou Ayiti. Tout moun déjà konnen nou konn li pase Martelly, nou jis pa ko janm montre ke nou pi entelijan.

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