October 4, 2015

We are witnessing a gigantic train wreck.

What the Haitian people wanted, and expected of  President, Michel Martelly, was a continuation from his presidency to that of Laurent Lamothe.  Martelly’s presidency has been a flawed one – which presidency hasn’t? – but the people love  Martelly, and forgive him for the many screw-ups generated by his inner circle.

At the moment, something over 80% of people asked who they want for their new President answer – LAURENT LAMOTHE!!!

The most popular man in Haiti and people cannot vote for him!
This is ridiculous!

Martelly’s  inner circle, the major cause of problems,  has now abandoned Martelly, switching to BOUCLIER, a Martelly creation that now stands in opposition against his desires.

These insiders stole millions, but do not feel they received enough!  One of Martelly’s in-laws took hundreds of thousands, per month, from contraband/customs. She and her husband have now abandoned Martelly for BOUCLIER!!

These jealous, selfish insiders are the ones who forced Martelly’s betrayal of his friend, and possible savior of Haiti – Laurent Lamothe.

These insiders forced the selection of Evans Paul, as Prime minister. Evans Paul immediately cancelled all of Lamothe’s projects, saying these were “Hollywood.”

One example:  Cancellation of Lamothe’s feeding programs left many Haitians hungry!  Some Haitians are actually starving to death in the northwest.

Many programs were not the solution. Instead, they provided a bridge, to the future, a future that would have offered real – lasting solutions to the challenges.

But this window of opportunity closed when Lamothe was denied a discharge – while others – less deserving received theirs.

Martelly admits to blocking Lamothe’s candidacy. His reasoning? Martelly believed a Lamothe Presidency would make people forget what he – Michel Martelly – had done.


Isn’t continuity of government exactly what people aim for. Continuity allows a president’s concept an opportunity to expand.  A derailing of continuity destroys everything, as the newcomer works to erase all that went before.

So it is in Haiti.

So it will be if someone like Jude Celestin gains power, under Rene Preval’s direction. Celestin’s presidency will give Renee Preval another 10 years in control of Haiti. His 10 years – to date – produced nothing positive.

Why should the future be different?

A Celestin Presidency appeals to the establishment, the people, and groups who have raped the Nation for generations.

Celestin promises to arrest all of the criminals and this threat sees a panic – stricken flood of Martelly people attempting to obtain some sort of Papal Dispensation from Celestin – now!

Celestin might arrest Michel, Sophia, Olivier and a host of others.  Serves them right!

A Martelly continuity to Laurent Lamothe would have given the Nation a chance to survive, and improve.

Instead, Martelly has put forward a nice, qualified guy – Jovenel Moise – NEG BANNAN – as his candidate. Nice guys finish last, is an old saying. It is particularly true in politics and the NEG BNNAN cannot win on his own abilities.

He needs a big push.

We have suffered an incompetent, criminal CEP, led by the self-admitted criminal Opont. These chickens are now coming home to roost as this CEP starts to disintegrate.

Vultures are circling the wagons, as diverse individuals, and groups, aim to destabilize the political situation.

The International Community,

Drug dealers,

Money launderers,



Contraband operatives,


Child molesters,

Dominican Republic factors,


Many fall into more than one of the groupings listed.

A few claim membership in all!

Martelly’s presidency was not necessarily the best Presidency but it was a bridge, from the past, to a more efficient, effective, balanced and fair future.

Haiti’s majority had a chance as did their children, and their childrens’ children.

Now, all of this is gone…. lost… like tears in the rain.



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  1. great analysis…I concur…serves Martelly right! He screwed Lamothe out of vanity and now he is getting screwed, but above all, the people of Haiti got the biggest shaft of all..Not fair! Criminal is what it is!! Poor Jovenal Moise. He will be eaten in a day!

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