Martelly to Pick Ceant as PM

Martelly will be sending letters today to the Chambre of Deputies today, naming Jean-Henri Ceant as his choice for Prime Minister.

With game Martelly has been playing, Ceant may be wise to sit on the bench until later. Martelly’s present agenda could aim at removing Ceant from the long term game by creating an ongoing situation that sees Ceant discredited.

There are times when it is better to watch the Titanic sink from a safe place on dry land.


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14 thoughts on “Martelly to Pick Ceant as PM

  1. wrong choice.former lawyer who helped Aristid buy the belong of the haitian states and resell them to itself again.
    Ceant is nothing eslse but the continuancy of Lavalas

  2. MIKI should remain with his choice. Daniel Gerard Rouzier, we need new faces.we are tire of the same voleurs

  3. right on the first count Joel but an idiotic move on the second


  5. When are we going to respect people. what did he stole from you

  6. Great choice we need a “rassembleur” to get Haiti moving forward. No more exclusion

  7. Ceant est le choix ideal.Il faisait preuve de son courage.Il n,a pas trahi le groupe des douzes et a meme refuter la proposition de Mr Mulet.

  8. I agree.
    Martelly may have Ceant rejects to remove him from game.
    Martelly is not interesting with Haiti, just more cocaine and $$

  9. you guys have not been in Haiti in 2001 2003 you can never understand cooperative initiated by Aristid and stilling all the money from his own people.
    you can never understand that there were people heavily armed ready to kill anyone who would say anything agaisnt that regime called Lavalas
    you can not understand Rate pa kaka. the state of fear violence and black magic that rained in Haiti during Aristid goverment.
    and do you think it is fare to have bought the state properties and resale them to it more expensive? that was what Jean Henry Ceant has helped Aristid you show me where is the honesty in that men apart of his campaing talks.

    1. You should refrain from telling people where they were, and were not- It does not help your point at all when you basically insult and condescend on others, without knowing them.

  10. I have never met a lawyer that gave anything away for free, but this man, J-H Ceant gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical supplies after the earthquake, and he was the one that was there for all of us that could not be treated in the make-shift hospitals.
    Many owe him at least a thankyou for his help immediately after the earthquake.

  11. what do you call give away when he got it from stolen money. that was easy money. Do you thionk that Haiti really desirve a corrupt like Cean to govern it,one thing I guaranty u.God will no be happy with Miki to have chosen out of so many serious man you ougan ki ap boule magi tout la st jounen, with Ceant Haiti is going no where. I am sorry,but i guess people that are planing to go to Haiti should stop and think it again cause tihns are going to get nasty shortly, God will no longer take part with MIKI

  12. Martelly cold blooded gave Ceant the coup de grace taking him out of the game.
    Ceant should have been president with an honest November count.
    Martelly played games with him and has now destroyed him

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