Local Haitian Leaders At Loss After Latest Tragedy Strikes Island Nation- Added


MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A fun celebration took an instant and horrifying turn towards tragedy over the weekend.

38 people dead, more than a dozen injured. Staggering numbers that many, unfortunately, are getting used to hearing when it comes to Haiti.

“It’s like Haiti can’t catch a break,” said Haitian activist Marlene Bastien. “It’s one thing after the other. First it’s the earthquake, then Hurricane Matthew that destroyed the entire south peninsula and now this; all those people dead.”

Bastien, a leader in the Haitian community, says the news of more tragedy hitting her homeland is heartbreaking.

She says this morning on Haitian radio there were several callers expressing the feeling of hopelessness.

Her non-Haitian friends are asking what many are asking around the world.

“Why can’t Haiti catch a break, what is next?” reiterates Bastien.

With so many tragic events hitting Haiti in the past few years, seeming like back-to-back, one of the big concerns in the Miami-Haitian community is that there will be a humanitarian fatigue.

“I’m finding that our friends around the world, they are suffering from Haiti fatigue and it’s understandable,” said Bastien.

It’s still not known if this bus crash was intentional or a tragic accident, but Bastien believes it’s time that the Haitian government and the Haitian Bourgeoisie to take responsibility for the country’s failing infrastructure and need for an updated criminal justice system.

She believes until that happens, when tragedy does hit Haiti, the country will always be behind and its poorest will continue to suffer, while the rich continue to thrive.

“As long as they know they can catch a plane to come to Miami to access healthcare, they don’t give a damn about the people of Haiti and that needs to stop,” said Bastien


A truly sad incident.
Driver hit two people then, in an effort to avoid a lynch mob, drove off and hit a Rara Band on a darkened street.
A following bus was attacked, with many passengers injured.


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