9 thoughts on “DUVALIER REPRESENTATIVE ED MARGER’S LETTER TO IRA KURZBAN- In Regards to Duvalier 6 Million Dollars.

  1. I can see why Ira Kurzban has loved us so much.

    He gets almost one millions from the money. He already has got many millions from Government of Haiti for his fees. Perhaps he could donate this million to victims of our tragedies.

    Probably will not.

  2. Kurzban is Aristide lawyer. He defends drugs people, and killers.That is why he lives in miami.To be close to his criminal friends

  3. Kurzban has never represented Haiti.

    He has represented himself and Aristide.

    Kurzban was a mediocre immigration lawyer when he met Aristide.

    Now he is a rich, mediocre immigration attorney.

  4. Duvalier’s true past is not a bad one.

    We had law-and-order, investment, tourism, the schools were really schools and there was Hope.

    The media creation is something else in which he is portrayed as some sort of monster. One must view those who say these things to understand their particular agendas.

    The media simply follows the lies it created years ago, quoting them as the truth.

    Unless someone really investigates, and presents the truth, Haiti will continue its downward slide.

    I saw Duvalier driving around Port-au-Prince without security. Whenever he stopped people gathered to talk with him. Some reached out to touch him. This is the true reality, the Haitian majority loves Duvalier.

    Of course, their are vocal anti-Duvalier voices, such as Michele Montas, the wife of Jean Dominique, killed by people who worked with Aristide/Preval. She knows who is guilty, but remains silent.

    There are no angels in Haiti, but the majority of our present leadership are demons and devils, when compared with Jean Claude Duvalier.

    If a really fair election was held, and Duvalier was a candidate…he would receive a true landslide, not like the one manufactured by Aristide.

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    2. Just a bit of information. Any person with a computer can post whatever garbage they want to the internet. The same thing goes for the links that are included. This information was all put online with bias. No person can claim to not have an opinion.
      The impression that I get from this site is that they support Democracy, and also support the increased infrastructural improvements and improvements in quality of life for ALL Haitians.

      If you, or any other hateful people want to title a site or person as a supporter of Duvalier, you should get off your stinking horse and read all of the posts on the site. It may help you avoid further embarrassment.

  5. Let us be honest with our criticism.

    Just because we publish some material on Duvalier, you accuse us of being Duvalierists.

    Have you been smoking something??

    To be fair, each presidency has seen people die, who should not have died…such as Mireille Durocher-Bertin, Father Jean-Marie Vincent, Jean Dominique, Pastor Leroy, Sylvio Claude, Roger Lafontant, Robert Marcello… a French Consul and a host of others under the benevolent regimes of your heroes, Aristide and Rene Preval.


    That is the sort of exaggeration that creates false impressions of the Jean Claude Duvalier presidency.

    I quote Ernest Preeg, American ambassador to Haiti in 1983, who wrote in his monograph, on the Caribbean Basin Initiative…

    “It can honestly be said that the Jean Claude Duvalier presidency is the longest period of violence free stability in the nation’s history…”

    500,000 would mean something like 2,976 per month.

    Get a life!

  6. I have a questing mind.

    Chantal says you are Duvalierist.

    I entered DUVALIER in your search slot and it told me there were 152 articles that mention Duvalier. Some might be positive, some negative.

    152 out of over 10,000 articles cannot earn you the ttile Duvalierist.

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