May 6, 2021
I watch with a sadness, tinted with total disgust, as certain Haitians and foreigners do their best to destroy Haiti with their efforts to discredit and discard our elected government.
Even as President Moise dedicated the Baraj Maryon, a massive project that will have a huge impact upon generations to come, we had a fragmented gang of Haitians, who represent no one, backing kidnappers and gunmen who now terrorize our people.
As these Internal Terrorists did their work, outsiders – CORE Group, the UN, OAS, and a mish-mash of American Congressmen demonstrated their total lack of knowledge, on Haiti’s realities. They demonstrate the power of Aristide’s earlier Propaganda as they regurgitate the lies he promoted year ago. Hitler’s propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels was right when he said s lie becomes truth if told enough times.
As President Moise attempt to govern, those with no personal responsibility work to collapse our government and generate a chaos from which we may never recover. 
Infrastructure will be destroyed. 
The economy will collapse.
And the massive, unrepresented Haitian Traditional Society will see that their lack of faith in Democracy, with its “Free and Fair Election,” a proving falsehood.
Doctor Boulos is a classic example.
He is so focused on his grab for the Presidency that he disregards the destructive results of his actions. He should be working, to see our  president’s term completed. Instead, he is investing a fortune in seen, and unseen actions.
Others, who represent no one, are being presidented as the “Democratic Opposition” and are supported by the Foreign Terrorists in the American Congress, OAS, UN, CORE Group as these groups insist that they be an equal, or controlling element, of any future debate.
It is time for everyone to look in the mirror.
No one is innocent, unless you consider the millions of Haitian children who have their schools disrupted and the food chain disappearing.
Jesus Christ, and Joseph Goebbels had the right concepts.
There are no innocents in this game. Everyone has made mistakes. It is time for everyone to recognize this and finally work to generate real elections, to support our future, and work to make the period between now and February, 2022, a concrete path to a successful future for our Nation.
I am not optimistic.


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