Le Criminal PDG de la Radio Vasco Dr Christian Emmanuel Sanon Supporte l’Escroc Franc Ciné-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Le PDG de la Radio Vasco Dr Christian Emmanuel Sanon Supporte l’Escroc Franc Ciné.
L’acte D’ESCROQUERIE de Franck Ciné a été prémédité
En plus de Cela ,je confirme que le PDG de la Radio Vasco Dr Christian Emmanuel Sanon ayant des lourdes redevances fiscales à la CONATEL et à la DGI .à l’EDH surtout finance maintenant l’escroc Frank Ciné de la Haitel et recherche des avocats internationaux pour le defendre. Tandis que Dr Emmanuel Sanon aurait pourrait utiliser cet argent pour payer ses dettes fiscales qu’il avait avant le tremblement de terre. Les redevances fiscale de Dr emmanuel sanon etait tellement lourde que Jean Dady Simeon ancien porte parole de la PNH qui était son associé à la Radio Vasco et Dr Emmanuel ont du fermer la Radio et se fuir .Ils sont retourné en Haiti apres le tremblement de terre du 12 janvier 2010.Car tous les documents etaient eparpillés.
Dr Emmanuel Sanon est un complice des escroqueries de Franck Ciné car il supporte sa charge sous pretexte de dire bientot qu’ils ont des persecutions politiques pour ne pas rembourser ses dettes à l’EDH,à la CONATEL.



I think that we must take a close look at Doctor Christian Sanon.

We know him well.

This is a guy who ran a number of particularly cruel con-games,   in Haiti,  over a number of years.

He would take money, from very sick Haitians, with the promise of flying them to the States. Of course this never happened, and the poor people were left to die here.  On one occasion Sanon took $30,000 from a family to save their child. The child died and the mother committed suicide.

Sanon didn’t lose a moment’s sleep.

Sanon kept his church going, on the Tabarre Road, by promising the crippled pastor a voyage to the States, so that his back could be operated on, allowing to walk once again. Of course, this never happened and Dr. Sanon didn’t even provide the pastor with a wheelchair. We did. Lena, the pastor’s mother, used to work for us and we brought a wheelchair from Miami for him. Both the pastor, and his mother Lena, have passed away.

Sanon collected something like $1,000,000 in cash and a fortune in material, and equipment. All of this was stolen, by Doctor Christian Sanon. His American contacts quickly dried up.

And  Dr. Sanon took office space in a Petionville clinic and didn’t pay rent for over 4 years. He was finally thrown out, after a lengthy legal battle.

Doctor Sanon stole equipment from hospitals. On one occasion, Doctor Sanon stole an x-ray machine.

To look at his web site one would think that Doctor Sanon was God when – in fact – he is the Devil incarnate, promising Hope to those with no Hope… and then stealing everything, sometimes a life.

And this is the guy who is going to find American attorneys for Franck Cine!!!

Doctor Christian Sanon cannot find one for himself since most lawyers have a small sense of integrity and dignity. Anyone dealing with Sanon would demand a large, up front, payment to cover costs. There would be no trust here, with this major criminal.

He and Franck Cine swim in the same septic tanks and cesspools, amongst the floating pieces of feces.

It is not too late for the Atouriste corruption team to take a look at Doctor Christian Sanon and his criminal enterprises in Haiti.


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3 thoughts on “Le Criminal PDG de la Radio Vasco Dr Christian Emmanuel Sanon Supporte l’Escroc Franc Ciné-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

  1. There are rumors, to the effect, that Doctor Sanon is seeking foreign legal experts to initiate litigation against Prime Minister Lamothe, on behalf of Franck Cine.

    As an attorney, myself, I can tell you that any real legal mind will look at he facts, and then decline. It is so obvious that Cine is a criminal, who – in any civilized country – should be behind bars, so any litigation is bound to fail.

    His HAITEL operation was a criminal operation.

    SOCABANK had criminal roots and a fortune was stolen by its leadership. I real audit will show this.

    Franck Cine was, perhaps is, a known cocaine trafficker.

    Cine is a very convincing liar.

    I can recall, sitting with some embassy people, as he explained the SOCABANK things, in such a way, that he seemed to be the wronged party. However, I had already seen the entire dossier that showed the man’s deep involvement, in the cocaine business, and other things. I had seen how SOCABANK was originally funded. I knew the records of others involved, including Leslie Pean, the master thief who managed to pillage the World Bank, and see Wolfowitz too weak, along with other bank officials, to pursue the Pean case. Perhaps they were willing to let something like $100,000,000 go in order to open other cans of worms.

    After all, it is just money.

    I do not know why the American government has chosen not to pursue Cine, in the past, but I suspect they might review their original decisions, if he should continue with his selfish attempts to destabilize the Government of Haiti, now. The US Government has too much invested, in Haiti, to allow some self-centered criminal the opportunity to throw this nation into another political crisis by attempting to unfairly attack Laurent Lamothe, Michel Martelly or anyone else in the game.

    The reason most people get involved with scandals, in Haiti, is money. Perhaps this universal ingredient is involved with the Sanon desire for self-destruction, on someone else’s behalf.

    Franck Cine has enough money stashed away – don’t let him tell you anything else – to handle his own legal expenses. However, his past actions have shown a desire to have others do his work for him.

    Doctor Sanon seems to be a person who likes to be seen and noticed. I have Googled his name and seen the results.

    It will be interesting to see how he comes out of this. Perhaps he will be another Cine ally who is destroyed by the Truth, as the spider Franck Cine disappears back into his hole.

    As a lifelong observer of the Haitian scene, I remain riveted for the next act in this perpetual soap opera that eats ups its players as the acts go on.

  2. http://christiansanon.com/main/?p=53

    A flake. Look at his web site with only 120 visitors and he will find American attornies for Franck Cine?

    Cine was once a vice presidential for MCI a huge telephone company and he requires Sanon to locate attorney.

    I do not think so, or is Cine reputation so destroyed he can find none himself?

    American advocats are more smart than those discovered in Haiti and will recognise Cine for a criminal.

    This is not reality.

    Cine is in real troubles if he requires the helps of Sanon.

  3. I know Sanon. My mother paid him for an American Visa and received nothing. He kept the money.

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