Laying the cornerstone of the micro-Industrial Park Moreau/Camp-Perrin


Haiti - Economy : Laying the cornerstone of the micro-Industrial Park Moreau/Camp-Perrin

Friday, President Jovenel Moïse, in the presence among others of Vincent Dégert, Head of the Delegation of the European Union in Haiti, Pierre Marie Dumeny, Minister of Trade and Industry, several members of the cabinet and the Mayor of Torbeck, Guidylle Joseph, laid the cornerstone for the construction of the Moreau/Camp-Perrin micro-industrial park (postponed on November 23rd), which takes part of his vision to support local businesses and create more jobs.

This Micro Park with an area of 7,254 m2 will bring together activities of processing and marketing of agricultural products from four main sectors: fermented cocoa (Ayitika company), honey (Entreprise Atabey), dried mango, vinegar and mango juice (produced by Vision SA). The work, which will be provided by the Camp Perrin School Workshops, should begin this month and end in July 2019.

In his speech, the Head of State praised the partnership between Haiti and the European Union which has made it possible to launch this vast construction project, which will eventually include 42 micro-industrial parks throughout the country. He took the opportunity to announce the construction of the 40 kilometers of road between the communal section of Moreau and the city of Les Cayes as well as the cleaning of “Ravine sèche” whose floods regularly threaten the population of Moreau.

For his part, Vincent Dégert, an important partner of this project initiated under the chairmanship of Michel Martelly, said he saw that the South was recovering its vitality after the passage of Matthew on Haiti in October 2016. He believes that this project aimed at boosting domestic production and deconcentrating the economy, will help recapture lost channels and find openings in foreign markets.

The Mayor of Torbeck, Guidylle Joseph, for her part, welcomed this innovative initiative likely to give a new image to the municipality and serve as a model for other regions of the department while Pierre Marie Dumeny, the Minister of Commerce stressed the importance of the materialization of mirco Industrial Park in this remote region of the South Department.


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