Laurent Lamothe in France, last meetings


Haiti - Diplomacy : Laurent Lamothe in France, last meetings

On Friday, Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, who completed his European tour, met with the Ministry of Overseas Minister Victorin Lurel, a friend of Haiti. During the meeting, the Minister Lurel, which expressed his strong interest for Haiti, announced that his ministry was ready to help support the costs of translation in French to the CARICOM. He also informed the Prime Minister Lamothe, of a project to build a school, funded by the French regions. He also expressed interest in a program of computerization of civil status records and that of rural electrification. For his part, Prime Minister Lamothe, welcomed the support of this close friend of Haiti and old him about the progress made during the past two years.

Thereafter, the Prime Minister met with Abdou Diouf, Secretary General of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF). Discussions were held about the situation in Haiti, the organization of the next meeting of Ministers of Education in Port-au-Prince and Haiti’s candidacy to host the next summit of Heads of State of the Francophonie in 2016. He also called for greater involvement of Haitian parliamentarians in the Association of Francophone Parliamentarians (APF).

The Prime Minister welcomed the cordiale understanding between Haiti and the OIF. He said that he is happy to act as a relay with the states of the English-speaking Caribbean and wanted a stronger collaboration between the OIF and the University of Limonade and announced a voluntary contribution of Haitito the budget of the organization. This gesture was greeted with enthusiasm and excitement by the Secretary General and demonstrates a commitment of Haiti for the Francophonie.

On the eve of the end of his European tour [this Saturday, Sept. 14], a cocktail was organized by the Embassy of Haiti in honor of the Prime Minister and other members of the delegation.


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