Businessman Daniel Evinx Close to Presidency Arrested for Drug Trafficking

LES CAYES, Haiti ( – Businessman Daniel Evinx, a 2010 Digicel Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, hotelier, considered the representative of the Presidency in Aux Cayes, became the latest “close” friend of President Michel Martelly to be arrested for trafficking and possessing drugs. Evinx and another individual were arrested after retrieving 23 kilos of marijuana off the southern coast of Haiti.

Government Commission of Les Cayes, Jean-Marie Saloman says he was alerted by police in nearby Port Salut on Monday, September 9, that substances, which appeared to be marijuana, had been placed on the property of Daniel Evinx.

Saloman said having been alerted, he unsuccessfully tried to obtain the accompaniment of a Justice of the Peace in order to execute a search warrant. Therefore on Thursday, September 12, “the Government Commissioner with the right to investigate all suspicions of crimes”, said Saloman, went with officers of the Police National d’Haiti (PNH) and soldiers of the United Nations Stabilization Mission (MINUSTAH), and entered the private premises of Daniel Evinx where 23 kilos of marijuana was discovered.

Daniel Evinx confirmed that on Monday, while aboard his yacht with a friend, he had come upon items floating in the water. His friend said, “what are those floating there? Those are drugs.”

Evinx says he was about to leave the objects in the water but instead, “as a good citizen”, decided to check if truly they were drugs and if they were, he would open up the packets and dump them into the water.

Upon confirming one of the packets contained drugs, Evinx says he decided to take the kilos to his home and says he called the police to come pick them up.

Commissioner Saloman rejected the claim that it was Daniel Evinx, himself, who called the police to his home.

Saloman says he had received around 11:30 AM on Thursday a phone call from the police of Port Salut who say they confirmed the possession of the substance at Evinx’s home and it was a few minutes after this call, “when Evinx realized we were coming to get him,” said the Commissioner, that they received a call from the interested party, Daniel Evinx, who provided his alibi.



09.14.2013: Commssioner Saloman interviewed by Evifleur Delisca for Vision 2000

09.14.2013: Rumored replacement Yves Olivier interviewed by Evifleur Delisca for Vision 2000

09.14.2013: Former Senator Gabriel Fortune believes administration will remove Saloman if it has not already. Vision 2000

Police in Aux Cayes have since released Daniel Evinx from detention.

It is rumored that Commissioner Saloman will be replaced by Yves Olivier. As of Saturday morning both have denied receiving any such official correspondence from the Ministry of Justice.

Former Senator and Former Departmental Delegate for the Martelly Administration, Gabriel Fortune, believes the government will remove Commissioner Saloman because it is a government that is actively involved in drug-trafficking and Evinx is a worker for the administration.


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2 thoughts on “Businessman Daniel Evinx Close to Presidency Arrested for Drug Trafficking

  1. The DEA has known about the Port Salut drug situation for more than 2 years yet it has remained silent as units to fight the drug threat are broken down. CICC, a key element, was effectively destroyed by America’s man Leon Charles, and his replacement Audain.

    It seems as though the drug people have been given a Carte Blanche to operate. Everyone, on the streets of Port Salut know of Daniel’s operation They are upset about the present fiasco since they believe he was going to keep all of the cargo for himself – not sharing.

    This is the reason he was revealed and arrested. Otherwise we would have heard nothing.

    Remember, Daniel had the drugs in his house for 3 days before the arrest. The other people knew they had been cheated and took care of him.

    Local people – in Port Salut – say they will kill him the next time, if he repeats th action.

    Two shipments involved. One boat capsized near Tiboron. The other ran out of gas near Port Salut.

    The people in Port Salut say that President Martelly was there – with his close friend Daniel, to make sure he got his share. In fact, the President did spend several days with Daniel, imdeiately before the drugs were “discovered” and Daniel picked them up “to protect Haiti’s poor children…”

    Come on now, “the dog ate my homework!”

    This is not a useful rumor to have circulated about the President.

    Everyone should remember Panama President Noriega – when the Americans finally washed their hands of him.

    Martelly shows an arrogance that is very dangerous for him. More importantly, it is dangerous for Haiti because we do not need the disruptions created should his government collapse.

  2. Yes the bateau was refreshed with gaz obtained by a black vehicle with Official plates. Martelly was present with Daniel. where is our security when cocaine transports in PNH vehicles?

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