August 22, 2021
Haitian political parties have better reproductive capabilities than the legendary rabbit.
It takes 2 rabbits to get more.
In Haiti it doesn’t take anything to get more political parties.
The official count was 118 last week. However, someone told me there was actually something like 283.
This morning I woke up and we have another embryonic political group- the AJCA – “Avek Jezi Nou Kapab Chanje Ayiti.”
With this type of community spirit, there is little hope of anyone combining forces to save Haiti.

Even as the political parties multiply like rabbits, numerous groups press for the creation of  “Privert Situation,” a situation in which a Provisional President will be created. This Provisional President will then work to extend his situation on into Infinity as he/she gives out cash, favors, political position to remain in power.
We have Prime Minister Ariel Henry in place as a caretaker leader.
We should all make the best of the existing situation, and use it to work towards elections, and a new Constitution.

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