October 22, 2015

Celestin hires 4 bands to play at different locations and brings society to a dead stop!!!

If it works, don’t change the formula.

December 16, 1990 Evans Paul blocked Port-au=Prince at 11 A.M. as he put the Mob on the streets. The illegal FM station – on French embassy grounds – declared Aristide the winner even though the polls didn’t close until 7 P.M.
Evans Paul threatened Jimmy Carter and Robert McNamara who fled the scene, abandoning their luggage at the hotel.

Naturally, the votes were never counted even though history credits Aristide  with 67%.

2005 Rene Preval put the mob into the Montana Hotel – home to MINUSTAH. 1,000 people ran through the corridors and jumped into the swimming pool.
Preval said he would burn Port-au=Prince to the ground if he was not declared President. He was declared President.

2010 Celestin was supposed to win. Preval had maneuvered this. At the last minute, the International Community knocked him out. They were upset with some character flaws that saw him involved with hit-man Amarol Duclona, the killing of a French Consul and Moreno, Director of CNE. Celestin took Moreno’s place.

Martelly won!

Now, we are in 2015 and Celestin has already promised to burn the place, if he isn’t declared winner.

Democracy in action!

He has instructed his people to stay at the polls, after voting, until he is declared President. This will intimidate many who might vote for someone else.

Early this afternoon, Celestin positioned 4 music groups around Petionville.

This effectively froze everything in the city. All traffic stopped, and will probably not break up until 7 or 8 P.M.  A lot of peoples’ schedules have been destroyed.

Kids cannot get home from school. Ambulances are paralyzed.

The system is powerless to break this up.

Violence might be the result.


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  1. Jude celestin is a thief that should be executed for crime against the State

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