October 20, 2015

Haiti has a number of dynamics that do not play a part in the electoral processes of Canada, or the United States.

First of all, American, Canadian, French and political movements, throughout the world, look for continuity. They look to be followed by someone from their camp.

Haitians expected Martelly to pass the reins to Laurent Lamothe, his popular Prime Minister.

Didn’t happen!

In what Martelly now recognizes as a suicidal action, he fired Lamothe last December, refusing a financial discharge for his term in government. This blocked his candidacy.

Martelly replaced Lamothe with   the unpopular Evans Paul.

Without Lamothe, Martelly is effectively doomed and so is the Nation since Celestin or Moise Jean-Charles are real possibilities..

Martelly has presented Jovenel Moise – NEG BANNAN – as his party candidate. Nice, competent guy but, without Lamothe’ endorsement, NEG BANNA is fruit salad.

Martelly will lose the game.

Martelly, and his team, will face possible arrest for real and imagined crimes. Among the real criminals is Education Minister Nesmy Manigat, who has stolen millions as he destroyed Haiti’s educational system.

Nesmy Manigat has proved you don’t have to be a drug-dealer to make criminal millions from our system.

Haitians have a   widespread   disinterest, and distrust of the overall concept of Democracy, and its Electoral Process. They detest the Classe Politique, viewing its membership as a collection of self-centered individual focused upon personal wealth and power.

Successful candidates rarely return to their constituents.

With regard to actually voting, the only ballot Haitians are interested in is the Presidential Ballot. One need only look at the voting results, from August 9, to understand this. Fewer than 5% turned out in the effort. Who cares about Parliament?

Democracy has no calories!

Democracy is definitely a foreign concept.

Haitians would welcome a firm, fair dictator who brings security, work, food, school for the kids and, perhaps, some health care.

Once an election is scheduled, everyone and their dog files for office. We have over 50 Presidential Candidates and thousands trying to fill the other slots, so they can make money, have a mistress, a Land Cruiser and live in Petionville.
Give me a break!!

During the 2015 election, Martelly has sponsored a zillion presidential candidates, to muddy the waters. By doing so, he created a monster that will haunt him over the coming weeks.

The CEP.

Aristide was the first to recognize our CEP – Provisional Electoral Council – as the key player. Its 9 members, plus president, are supposed to be drawn from 9 different segments, on the population, and this sounds great on paper.

Unfortunately, the reality is something else.

Often the 9 members are selected without reference to the 9 segments of society. Even if they were, a bag of cash will get their attention, and a leader will soon control the supposedly unbiased arbiter of elections.

Unbiased arbiter ?  Never happened. Aristide bought and paid for the CEP in 1990. After the election, in which he was declared winner, with fewer than .5 of 1% of the votes counted, Aristide named all of the CEP members to high-paying jobs. CEP Chairman Robert Salaba was named Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Today we see our CEP led by Opont who admitted to criminal acts, as CEP chief in 2010.  He, and the 9 members, have made millions from the 2015 process, and expect more!

We have a  convicted drug dealer,  ALFREDO ANTOINE – Kenscoff, who filed forged PNH papers as a candidate for Deputy Kenscoff.


Time for the Americans, Canadians, French or UN to demand his removal – AGAIN!!!

There are many other criminals, on the ballot, while some who should be, have been barred through withholding of financial discharges, for their terms in government.

So, we have a biased CEP in control of the ballot. The dangers were apparent under Preval’s presidency! Our CEP, coupled with other elements,  will see the election derailed before October 25.

What are some of the other elements?

Those who know they have no hope of winning are already working to create disorder. The chaos will see a vote impossible. Their goal is a Martelly collapse and creation of a Transitional Government. These spoilers hope for a place on the Transitional Government that will allow them a chance to steal money.

Our drug society is also a major player in the game. It cannot allow a president that would threaten their economy, and it is substantial.

They hope to create a NARCO STATE and would like to elect their own president.

It could happen.

Perhaps 3 presidential candidates have allegiance to the drug community.
Another factor is our Dominican neighbor.  It wants to keep Haiti a disorganized vassal state into which it can sell commodities worth over $500,000,000 per year. Martelly’s closure of the border has made him an enemy, and the Dominicans have pumped a lot of money, and weapons, into Haiti in the hope of making October 25’s vote impossible. Funds have been channeled to a number of high level Lavalas figures, from the past.

Some credit the recent flood of murders, in Cite Soleir, to the Dominicans.

People, within this district, say a flood of Dominican cash was spread in an effort to create chaos.

We have seen evidence of meeting, in the DR, attended by government leaders. These meetings are said to be focused upon derailing the October 25 vote.
Moise Jean-Charles has major support from Brazil. His presidency would be a true disaster, but it is possible.

Secretary of State Kerry is credited with putting his paddle into the Haitian election, suggesting what American will tolerate, and what it won’t. We would really like to hear that opinion since most of the surviving candidates should not be accepted by the Americans, or anyone else.

The October 25 election will not take place.

What will follow?

Perhaps a Transitional Government with a specific time frame, and mandate. Should be set out under the requirements of the 1987 Constitution’s Article 149.
A Supreme Court Justice as Provisionals President.

Elections within 90 days.

The International Community must commit to proper supervision. We should have observers who actually observe. Not foreigners who sit by the pools of luxury hotels.

We should have a nationwide MINUSTAH presence to maintain a semblance of order.

300 American Marines, in cotton shirts, and no weapons, would solve the problem. Haiti has an inbred respect for the Marines.  Their presence would solve everything.

The International Community must understand that Martelly no longer controls things. He is just another unhappy passenger in the train wreck.

Haiti’s real destiny is controlled by the drug-dealers, Dominicans and would be candidates, in the 2015 election.

Chaos is the desired result.

It is what will be done with the chaos that remains troubling.

Many will die!

This weekend will see chaos as many districts opt out of the game, while others resort to violence, in order to win the game.

This is Martelly’s Legacy for Haiti.

5 wasted years.

So much promise down the toilet.


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  1. Rumour sees Dominican money passing via Leslie Delatour, Gustave Faubert and four others. Don’t know if true but these were and perhaps are Lavalas leaders.

    You can check.

  2. A big meeting took place at the DR capital
    Focused on creating troubles for Haitian election.

    Present: 2 senators , 11 .deputy y 3 ministers and their représentatives were présents…

    1) Ruben Darío Maldonado
    2)Pedro Billilo
    3) Rafael Calderón is a senator of Azua
    4) Edis Fernando Vasquez is also a senator of Barahona.
    5) Julio Alberto Pena
    6) Mariano Montero
    7) Gregorio Reyes
    8 ) José Antonio
    9)Roberto Pères
    10) Victor Suarez
    11) Hugo Fernelis
    12) Manuel de Jésus
    13) Francisco Dominguez the minister of justice
    14) one représentant of the minister Andres Navarro which name is Alberto Javier
    15)Jose Ramon Fadul
    16) One représentant of the minister Jose Del Castillo which name is Antonio Rivas

    And 2 représentatives of the Political Party PLD Ramon Rivas ans Nadin Rivas were présents.

  3. No wonder Manigat pull out early! The only substantial decision she made.

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