Jovenel Moïse praises Haiti’s progress to stimulate investors- Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth


During his participation in the Global Business Forum Latin America – Panamá (GBF2019) in Panama, Haiti’s President Jovenel Moïse delivered a speech front the Heads of State, Fortune 500 CEOs and other important leaders and investors from Latin America and the Persian Gulf, a speech aimed at promoting progress in Haiti and stimulate the arrival of investors in the country…

Key extracts from the intervention of President Moïse :

“[…] Haiti is undertaking a series of reforms in the fields of agriculture, industry, mining, tourism and real estate to improve the investment climate in the country […]

[…] we have made enormous progress as we have focused on the restoration of road infrastructure, which allows us to connect different areas and create conditions for improving the energy sector, including our ability to operate solar energy […]

[…] At the same time, we have also emphasized the reform of public administration, the improvement of the health system, the promotion of agriculture and the education of young people …

[…] The Government is also working to adopt new legislation allowing companies to invest in the country’s mining sector […] There are opportunities in gold, copper and aluminum mines […].

[…] In our country, energy was monopolized and the reform began to bear fruit […] We must electrify the whole country, even if we have progressed, there are areas that have only 4 to 6 hours of energy. With the reform, we will have the opportunity to receive the 800 megawatts we need, 400 for the metropolitan area and the difference for the rest of the country.”

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Difficult to promote any sort of business activity when you don’t have financial or political stability.

Everything starts with Security and we have the US State Department advising everyone, including Haitians, to avoid Haiti.

Business Investment and Tourism are mirages for the moment, and into the ongoing future.

One cannot even consider a simple drive from Petionville without planning a military campaign. Sad but true. The roads are not safe anymore.


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