Les limites de la barbarie

November 19, 2018

The ongoing call for violence, by people like Andre Michel, Don Kato, Aristide, Arnel Belizaire,  (all confirmed killers) and a band of others, will accelerate unless someone steps in an puts a stop to it.

When you are dealing with a Mob you end up with a Lynch Mentality that can be unbelievably cruel and will continue, unless stopped – ruthlessly!.

More innocent people will be necklaced.

In Haiti, there are no secrets. The PNH can put its ear to the ground and discover exactly who was responsible for the murder of their fellow police officer.  The murderers should then be publicly eliminated, otherwise, after arrest; they will be set free by their fellow criminals, members of our Senate.

The Haitian society is teetering on the verge of disintegration as PNH Director General Gedeon fails to lead his force responsibly.  His predecessor Godson Aurelus sits in jail on weapons smuggling charges, along with ex-Interior Minister Delva and some others. Gedeon should be arrested for his involvement with the cocaine trade and smuggling cement from the Dominican Republic.

The Deputy from Leoganee was almost killed by Aristide’s friend, Senator Nenel Cassy.

And, recently, Grand Ravine was menaced by “Arnel” the chief gang leader who was finally captured by PNH officers, after a major police operation. Arnel has now been released from jail by a Senator.  Senate President, Lambart, promises to give his name tomorrow.

Senator Don Kato, and his other Senate associates, have continually forced PNH officers to release gang leaders, arrested in the past.

You cannot have any sort of law-and-order if the criminals are released by other criminals, who just happen to be members of our Senate.

It is time for President Moise, and Prime Minister Ceant  to regain control of their government, supported by Senator Lambert and Deputy Bodeau, otherwise the Nation is doomed.


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