Invitation to the HAITI FESTIVAL at Purchase College

If you happen to be in the area this Friday, November 15th, I would like to invite you to attend two events in connection with the Haiti Festival at Purchase College (just a short train ride from New York City). Click on the posters below for exact location, transportation and parking details. Both events are free and no advance registration is required. Check out the overall November 14th – 16th schedule by clicking the link above… some amazing people are taking part like author Edwidge Danticat and Lorraine Mangones from FOKAL.
The second event (below) is an opportunity to meet Haitian comic book artist Thony Loui, who is currently artist in residence at Purchase College. He is being assisted by students to complete the first comic book featuring his latest superhero creation, Tanama. She uses her special powers to support smallholder farmers, and women smallholders in particular, as they overcome tremendous hardships and fight off evil forces by planting trees. As you might guess by the tree planting reference, the Smallholder Farmers Alliance is partnering with Thony on this project.

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