Increase in Customs Tariffs in the Budget 2013-2014

Haiti - Economy : Increase in Customs Tariffs in the Budget 2013-2014

This week, Ronald Décembre, he Secretary of State for Tax Reform presented at a press conference, the new tax and customs measures provided in the draft Finance Bill 2013-2014 (voted Wednesday, August 7 at the House of Deputiesand still awaiting ratification in the Senate), measures criticized by several Senators and Deputies.

Mr. Décembre explained that 500 customs tariffs lines are affected by price increases, aligned for the most part, acording to his words, on those of member countries of CARICOM. The Secretary of State said that this decision was taken after consultation with the Economic Forum of the private sector and their protectionist nature, aimed at boosting and developing Small and Medium Enterprises in Haiti.

“[…] We can not let enter on our territory of articles that makes unfair competition to domestic production and whose the quality is questionable […] Some countries subsidize their agriculture or with impunity flow agricultural products surplus on our territory without even meet the standards. This creates an unfair competition to the detriment of local producers.”

Concerning the rise in these customs tariffs Ronald Décembre as an example mentioned a few products on the 500 concerned : butter kitchen and mantèque passing from 10 to 20%; imported fruit 10 to 40%, wheat flour 0 to 15%, vegetables 15 to 25%, Malta 5 to 20%, the sta from 10 to 15%, rum 10 to 25% and the sodium soap 10 to 40%…


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