October 19, 2018

For the Magician it involves some subtle psychological  move to keep you attention elsewhere while he does the trick. Nothing so obvious as “Look at the Elephant!” – instead, the Magician might drop a card, or move some object on the table, which automatically draws your attention, while his other hand does the trick.

In Haiti, our Stage Magicians are not so subtle. They DO  shout “LOOK AT THE ELEPHANT,” which translates to “LOOK AT PATROCARIBE!!!”

PetroCaribe is the obvious game, even though those who are calling attention to PetroCaribe also stole – for themselves – hundreds of millions in American Dollars from the fund. First of all, you have the Senate create a commission to investigate the corruption in PetroCaribe. Now, the world – mainly in the form of America – thinks the Senate must be as responsible a body as is found in Washington. Now there are a few criminals in the American Senate while – perhaps – there are a few honest men in Haiti’s Senate. Most are criminals, drug dealers, perhaps murderers guys who bleed the ministries, and PetroCaribe of as much as possible.

From this group of criminals they appointed a Lavalas-biased team, headed by Beauplan.

The result was predictable.

A guy with some skeletons in his closet, Senate President Lambert, used misdirection be sending the dossier to the Court of Superior Accounts, derailing any actual action for some time – actually January was suggested.

Now we have something like $12,000,000 American Dollars per month being invested in a game to topple our Democratically elected government under President Jovenel Moise- using PetroCaribe as a weapon, when they have stolen a billions – from PetroCaribe and Jovenel’s hands are clean..

The fact that he is building thousands of kilometers of roads, at a fraction of the cost under previous governments… is building 6 dams to create reservoirs to capture bilLions of gallons of water, for future use…, has distributed many, many, many tractors and other agricultural equipment to farmers …. his promise to bring inexpensive power to all corners of Haiti, 24/7 …. has worked to improve our Nation’s condition –   should make everyone happy.

Unfortunately, President has somehow missed the immediate, imperative needs of the people who need simple, immediate basics, to feed their kids and cover school costs. A “Miss the forest for the trees,” situation.

The starving person does not require a reservoir with billions of gallons in 5 years. He needs rice-and-beans for his family – now!  The people would understand his motivation if President Moise had any sort of communications capability, but his team is a negative quantity – often seeming to work against his best interests – which is – sadly – a fact.

All of what Jovenel Moise is doing for his Nation, his people should make all 12,000,000 happy if they were included in the net, but they aren’t. The vast majority, of our population, is ignored except during the electoral cycles. After these, their numbers are used to justify the theft of millions by Senators, Deputies and various other mafia.

Jovenel is a threat because, in addition to his exceptionally effective long-term projects to improve infrastructure, he has a stated interest in fighting corruption, the drug trade, and other character flaws we possess. This concept might reduce/control the focus but will never eliminate the problems.

The proper road budgets, and simple desire to control ONA, Douane, APN, the Central Bank, OAVCT,and electrical power generation makes him an enemy of a few who have no interest in our 12,000,000’s welfare: Let the International Community/United States support them!

So I don’t confuse the reader with too many details, such as Jovenel’s action within OAVCT in which he reduced staff from 4000 to 500 and reversed its long-standing monthly deficit to a handsome profit. Privert had put thosands on OAVCT payrolls.

Remember the big labor disputes, strike and closures that fought Jovenel’s OAVCT action.

But he won!

We will ignore the Preval crimes when he Privatized our State Industries, selling them to friends for peanuts. Under Duvalier these State companies covered the annual budget. Sale of them turned us into a true Beggar State.

We should look at the obvious, the criminal 50 year contracts given to a few close associates of Preval, or anyone in power who give them advantages, contracts that cover generation of electricity at a price of $0.29Kwh when a foreign group offered to fund the entire infrastructure, with generating plants, etc, for a contract guaranteeing $0.17Kwh close to the international average.

Instead, Preval took care of his friends, and wife, with crazy 50 year contracts for SOGENER, E-POWER and HAYTRAC. Some American intelligence sources are bold/uncharitable enough to suggest cocaine currency funded these “Public Spirited” concepts.

Who cares if the end product doesn’t rape the Haitian People. But THE POTENTATES OF POWER  are netting $23,000,000 per month.

National Security depends upon the PNH and this is headed by a Privert/Lavalas/Aristide guy Gedeon.

For survival, a government requires SECURITY. So we destabilize that by keeping Gedeon as police chief and ignore his ongoing contraband operation that makes a fortune via smuggled cement from the Dominican Republic.

Gedeon is a part of the formula to destroy or Democratically elected government. His income streams are many and make his PNH salary look like pocket-change. Some suggest Gedeon has American support, otherwise the Nation would not face so many predictable outrages.

Our American friends also ignore the fact Gedeon owns a $1,000,000 home in Coral Springs, Florida, where his wife and children live. Do they have Green Cards? Otherwise his children are illegally registered in the school system. Americans also ignore his huge bank balances in Bank of America, upon which he has not paid any Haitian or American tax.

Gedeon’s PNH officers stood by, on many occasions during October 17. One occasion saw them stand by as people burned a truck in front of the old American Consulate while others, in front of the Palace, stood by as a small crowd burned vehicles. There was absolutely no interventions of any kind, as promised by Gedeon in his TV address.

In another incident PNH stood by while a bus loaded with people was attacked by a mob. Then the shot some blank rounds towards a fence. No one was arrested.

So we have a lot of vested interests, each with personal agendas, combining to fund the failure of our Democratically Elected Government of jovenel Moise. They are spending t least$12,000,000 per month in order to protect their own criminal enterprises, not improve the well-being of Haiti’s 12,000,000. To them, the poor 12,000,000 is just so much garbage that can starve to death, in the Northwest, or upon a street in front of their mansions.

No Social Conscience.

So finally, let’s cut to the chase.

The Americans hold all of the cards in this Magician’s Game of Misdirection. Time to stop yelling LOOK AT THE ELEPHANT and state – simply, what they want.  The Americans say they want to promote Democracy, then do everything in the “Government Destabilization for Idiots” handbook.

Save time.

Save some lives.

Starvation is rampant in the Northwest, and in Port-au-Prince. Is one child’s life worth this theatrical charade we now witness. If our American associates are serious,they must state their position and – if Jovenel’s survival is the goal, he needs proper security and this cannot be supplied under American favored Chief Gedeon. He has another agenda and it is not the well-being of President Jovenel Moise.

300 Marines, for Palace Security would send a simple, inexpensive, easy to understand message, that will avoid the impending disaster, a disaster that will finally cost American hundreds of millions to correct.


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