Hundreds of thousands still homeless, hungry in Haiti-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Published: Aug. 9, 2010 at 12:34 PM

PETITIONVILLE, Haiti, Aug. 9 (UPI) — Nearly seven months after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, tens of thousands of people are still homeless and hungry, a report said.

Despite $1.8 billion in earthquake aid, an estimated 1.6 million people are still living in tent camps in the middle of the hurricane season, The Boston Globe said Monday.

The earthquake hit Haiti Jan. 12.

Just 4 percent of the earthquake debris has been cleared and there are frequent shortages of clean water and often little food, the report said.

Paul Farmer, founder of Boston-based Partners in Health and a deputy special envoy for the United Nations, recently told a congressional panel that less than 3 percent of Haitian aid had gone directly to the country’s government. In the past, he said, U.S. policies, and those of others, have sometimes bypassed Haiti’s leadership, weakening it and contributing in part to the crisis today.

At the U.S. Embassy, a top official said “there is some validity” to Farmer’s conclusions but he said the United States is committed to strengthening Haiti’s government going forward, the Globe said.

“We want to make sure that everything we do is consistent with the government of Haiti’s policies, its needs, its desires,” said Leon S. Waskin, director of the response effort for the U.S. Agency for International Development. “They actually have to be government of Haiti programs, not donor programs, or else they’re not going to work.”

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Paul Farmer remains a biased player in the game.

He was a particularly poor choice to join Clinton – another bad choice – to assist with the Haitian tragedy.  He is either completely and totally stupid and ignorant of the Haitian reality, or is knowing complicit in Preval’s attempt to steal anything not tied down, and some things that are.

There is a valid reason why few dollars are passed through the hands of Preval and his cabinet. Anyone with a brain, can see that they simply steal the funds, without any qualms…or even an attempt to shield their actions.

Until Preval is replaced, there can be no funds for   the Government of Haiti.

The way things are progressing, Preval will derail the elections, scheduled for November 28, extending the nation’s misery.

Farmer should hide his activist’s cloak beneath that of a doctor helping Haiti’s aids victims


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3 thoughts on “Hundreds of thousands still homeless, hungry in Haiti-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

  1. Everyone made promises and got good press coverage.

    Now that the focus i elsewhere, few will deliver and our people will die.

    Bill Clinton, and his team, are an embarrassment.

  2. I still do not understand the general NGO response, nor do I understand what Paul Farmer REALLY thinks. I don’t understand how they can sit on donated money while people suffer, although it is my understanding that PIH IS providing essential services.

    I’ve watched various people giving Congressional testimony on Haiti, and they all overstate their own successes and understate Haitian Government failures.

    Then when you add in the UN, always opaque, it is impossible to have any idea what the situation really is in Haiti.

    This website is invaluable. What also helps is the news streams where one can read reports from volunteers who have just returned from Haiti as covered in regional and local newspapers.

    Has Farmer lost his moral compass, or does he say what he does for the record to enable his organization to continue to deliver lifesaving services in Haiti? Only he knows…

  3. The best move must be :Usa takes over the situation and fix the country.None of the other nation is serious about helping Haiti to recover.
    Now, it is the time that, Haitians make a real choice. Give the key to USA and everything will be okay.

    The most important decision to be made is that the people of Haiti stop supporting the government of Haiti. The have to let them know what they really want.United States is the solution.

    Us must troops in Haiti and release the UN forces, because they are part of the problems.When we consider that US has the most powerful capacity to lead the situation, so, the Haitians must play their part.Ask publicly that America takes over for last.

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