Bush to visit Haiti on Tuesday

Bush to visit Haiti on Tuesday


As President Obama gets ready to visit Dallas tonight for some fundraising, Dallas resident George W. Bush will be preparing to visit Haiti tomorrow. The former president “will view progress made on rebuilding after the January earthquake, hear from Haitian citizens regarding the current conditions in their country, and visit with organizations that are assisting in the rebuilding effort,” said a statement from Bush’s office.

Bush and former president Bill Clinton are headed up a Haiti fundraising drive at Obama’s request.

“The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund primarily focuses on longer-term, sustainable economic reconstruction designed to help the people of Haiti rebuild by creating jobs and promoting economic opportunity,” said the Bush statement. “President Bush’s trip will draw attention to the great ongoing need in Haiti, and he will encourage Americans to continue to give what they can to help their neighbors in need.”

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3 thoughts on “Bush to visit Haiti on Tuesday

  1. This is a good idea to have Haiti under american control.Who could better than USA? Even you like that or not, so, what can you do? America is the way. Don’t waste time.

    Instead of wasting money in fake elections, just sign the will to pass the country under American Management, that could be the Most Intelligent ACt you could pass to save Haitian People.

  2. I hope he doesn’t come to support Preval and the election process.Because, whosoever want to protect Preval and his gangs will perish.

    I suspect that Preval, Alexis and so no are playing a game to hide something to the people of Haiti. They are trying to show that they are enemies, but in fact, this is nor real.I discover that Alexis, in his news conference is still working with Preval and associates to stay in power.

    The most important thing is that the people must be against the elections with Preval and the CEP.

    There is a plot against Haiti. What is really cooking against Haiti?

    Fernandez knows it. Preval knows it. Alexis knwos it. So what, Haiti will be the real loser.

    However, the time will come where, once the truth spreads out, the criminals will have no place to hide.

  3. why would you want your country under american control. So what was the point of all those haitians dying from 1804 till this day, those who fought for us to have the only thing that haitians can be pround of which is independance, the right do what we wich without foreign interruption.We cant be looking for someone else to come whipe our ass we have to wipe it ourself.

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