Hinche: The BSAP Refuses to Comply with Government Directives

On Tuesday, the town of Hinche experienced heightened tension as agents from the Brigade of Security and Public Assistance deliberately disregarded government directives prohibiting armed patrols in urban areas. Concurrently, the capital of the Centre department saw the closure of numerous educational institutions, public offices, and businesses.

Brigade agents were observed traversing multiple streets in the town, openly demonstrating their refusal to adhere to the regulations imposed by the government. Local authorities are currently on high alert, actively seeking to understand the motivations behind this display of disobedience by the security unit.

The government had recently issued directives prohibiting the presence of armed agents in urban zones, with the objective of maintaining social peace and ensuring the safety of citizens. Nevertheless, the Brigade appears resolute in not conforming to these regulations, thereby shedding light on underlying tensions within the security forces.

Simultaneously, the daily routine in Hinche has been significantly disrupted, as numerous institutions have opted to keep their premises closed. Schools have suspended classes, public offices have temporarily shut down, and various businesses have chosen to suspend operations for the day.

Residents of the town are expressing their concern regarding this unprecedented situation. Some underscore the significance of stability and security, urging for a dialogue between authorities and the Brigade to peacefully resolve conflicts. Others are apprehensive about the potential repercussions of this noncompliance on the social and economic stability of the region.

Local authorities are urging for calm and restraint, underscoring the importance of adherence to laws and directives issued by the government. An emergency meeting is scheduled in the upcoming days to address the situation and devise solutions aimed at restoring order and fostering confidence within the Hinche community.


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