Hidden Haiti: The perfect destination for tourists?

Back in the 1970s, Haiti was a tourist destination for the jet set, welcoming visitors like Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

But political violence, instability and more recently the 2010 earthquake have changed the country’s image, and most of the tourism has vanished.

Now, Haiti’s government is trying to bring tourists back. The BBC’s Laura Trevelyan went to see how.

Filmed and edited by the BBC’s John Landy

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7 thoughts on “Hidden Haiti: The perfect destination for tourists?

  1. please read my experience in Haiti that I posted,do yourself a favor dont go to this country,no law -no justice-they are not ready

  2. Thomas 1.Riel,

    Why are you visiting this website if you think Haiti is so bad? I understand you had a bad experience but that can occur anywhere in the world. Give Haiti a chance and stop being negative. It can be a great tourist spot but at this point, I would suggest visiting outside the capital where issues do not occur as much. The country is beautiful!

  3. Whenever people hear about Haiti they see Port au Prince or Petion Ville even some Haitian born.Ttry the country side you will be amaze. Haiti have the best unspoiled beaches and mountain in the world, give it a try and you will go back.No place like home.

  4. @ Thomas 1 Riel,

    If you are a pedophile or rapist and you went there to commit all sorts of horrible crimes thinking that you can do whatever you want there and to your surprise, you were stopped by PNH, obviously, it was not fun for you. On the other hand, if you went to enjoy the haitian culture and the beautiful landscape or to help the less fortunate, you would really appreciate your time in Haiti.

    Keep your negative comment for yourself for no sain haitian or foreigner wants to hear you. Although years of political and social and economical oppression by the powerful countries like US, Canada, France, UK and so on has scrupled the country, Haiti remain one of the must beautiful place in the Caribeans.

    Haitians don’t need people like you in their beautiful island nor for your to make any bad publicity for the country.

    1. Hervey- You took the words out my my mouth. I agree. Haiti is one of the last beautiful places that is still not taken over by massive hotel chains and expensive everything. It is so welcoming and friendly. I have had a harder time in some US cities than I have heard of in Haiti. Yes, there are political tensions, but when someone is there to enjoy the bounty of Haiti in a healthy way, those tensions only pass by, while you relax, unaffected and amazed by the beauty.

  5. Haiti is beautiful and unspoiled,but a very dangerous and currupt country,I read a comment about on how this guy took his co-workers to Haiti and the bad expirence they had in Haiti.This was probably the worst expirence these guys have had their whole lives,and all of my fellow haitins comments only put this guys expirence down calling him bad names and a lire.I am Haitian and live in Haiti ,and it seems as if know one really wants to talk about the problems we have in the country,Their is Know security guys,the police and justice system is currupt.The Young people dont respect you like back in the days.Know one wants to talk about the problems but want to talk about promoting Hait as a tourist detination.I am really sorry for the bad trip those poor guys had when they went to haiti.

  6. Hervy-calling someone a pedophile or rapist for his bad experience in Haiti is wrong man.I dont know what happen to this guy,but he had a bad experience in our country.We all have bad expériences here on a daily basis.Their is allways a kiddnapping or a burglary or someone trying to extort money from you.I have several businesses in the PP area and I have been robed several times.The police dont give enough security and to get good service from them you have to have them on your payroll.We have a problem in this country.Plese donot insult someone for what happens to them.

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