January 1, 2016

With the coming of each New Year we must look back  at the past and look forward to the future – with some hope.

President Michel Martelly must be thanked for one thing, and the future will see this as a key to his Presidency. Forget all of the passing scandals, rumors, half-truths, truths, and outright lies.

Michel Martelly is a Bridge from the Past to the Future.


Hopefully, Jovenel Moise – NEG BANNANN – is the first real step towards a balanced, prosperous, businesslike Future that will bring us from the Dark Ages of the Aristide/Preval past,  into the 21st Century – at long last!.

For too long our existence has been controlled by images created by foreign media, assisted by  Haitians who march to a different drummer. Bad press gains more readers, while growing a thousand acres of bananas has little excitement.

Haiti has managed to present a lot of factual  bad news for bad press.

We accept that.

However, when nothing bad is happening, the media has a powerful ability to create false events or misinterpret real events – to the detriment of our Nation.

One classic example – among many media outrages – is the RABOTEAU MASSACRE of April 22, 1994.


It never happened, but will remain in the pages of history as fact.

What did happen, so long ago?

On April 22, 1994 a group of Lavalas people, led by Amiot Metayer, the key Aristide leader in Raboteau, attacked the local Forces Armees d’Haiti caserne in Gonaives. Shots were fired, followed by wild claims.

The FAdH, in company with FRAPH, murdered dozens, although no bodies were left scattered around. This was explained away with the fiction the military buried bodies and threw others into the ocean, where they washed away.

One need only visit Raboteau to understand the impossibility of these claims. The place is so crowded that there is hardly enough room to fall over, let alone find space to bury bodies in such a way that they are “lost.” Also, the concept of ocean currents, in Raboteau, washing bodies away is not a possibility. There is no real ocean current there.

When Colonel Steve Lovasz,  America’s Military Attache,  travelled to Raboteau, a slum of Gonaives, in an effort to discover the truth   he found some bullet holes in the caserne and people who  said one lady had been injured.

He never managed to find the lady

The Colonel’s report lies buried in Defense Intelligence Agency files, and probably the embassy archives.

After Bill Clinton’s  1994 return of  Aristide, on the bayonets of 23,000 American soldiers, Rabotea was revisited. Aristide wanted a trial. The local judge refused, saying there was no valid evidence. He would later die a strange death, poisoned enroute to a meeting with the Minister of Justice with the dossiers. These dossiers disappeared.

Another event that never made the foreign media.

And so, Aristide got a foreign fanatic, Brian Concannon, assisted by some Haitian, to create a Hollywood show that saw his opposition convicted of murder in a trial that was a farce by any international standards.

A forensic team came from Argentina, to dig up and study some bodies Amiot Meteyer led them to. He had no problem finding these since he is the one that buried them, after killing the poor souls for Aristide.


The Raboteau Trial was a neat way to effectively neutralize the credibility of General Raoul Cedras, the entire General Staff, and a few other irritants that Aristide wanted to have emasculated.

Amiot Meteyer started to talk openly about his Aristide ordered crimes – so he was silenced – killed on Aristide’s order, as were dozens of other gang-leaders – to block investigations demanded by the Americans. Meteyer’ eyes and heart were gouged out for use by Aristide, in a satanic ceremony..


As a side issue, Aristide sacrificed a newborn baby boy, during the first week of March, 2000 in an effort to guarantee a win in the presidential elections that year. Aristide is a priest, but he is also the President of a Sect Rouge – Secret Society – of the Voodoo community.

This crime is well-known throughout Haitian society, but the foreign media avoids these truths, truths known by America’s government.

I am glad that Hillary Clinton did not hear of her friend Aristide’s concept now that she is campaigning for the American presidency.

Aristide and Preval were/are master of media manipulation. Stringers from recognized agencies, such as AP, AFP, Reuters….. are replaced, from time-to-time and inherit the same circle of contacts used by their predecessor.

It’s a natural sequence.

Aristide entrenched himself and the media followed over the years, perpetuating the myth of Aristide being the first democratically  elected president in Haiti’s history. Not true. There were at least 5 others, including Francois Duvalier.

Aristide and Preval paid cold cash to some major elements of the media, while others simply loved the story of a poor parish priest who came to lead his people from the shadow of Duvalier’s brutal dictatorship.

Most of the garbage about Duvalier was created by the earlier media bias, upon which Aristide build his new empire.

One quote, from American Ambassador Ernest Preeg’s  1983 book on the Reagan Caribbean Basin Initiative says it all, for those who listen. Preeg was ambassador. Preeg stated:   “It can honestly be said that the Jean Claude Duvalier Presidency is the longest period of violence free stability, in the nation’s history.”


The Aristide/Preval, Celestin, Moise Jean Charles teams are mirrors of Haiti’s violent, destructive, unproductive past. Under their guidance the Nation has slid toward the abyss, and – if allowed to continue – will finally kill the Nation.


They have raped, kidnapped, murdered, smuggled drugs, stolen  a few billion US Dollars while destroying a substantial infrastructure, created by Jean Claude Duvalier. They guaranteed chaos by dismantling Haiti Forces Armees d’Haiti, the army, our only guarantor of stability.

Under the Aristide/Preval leadership Haiti has become a chaotic, lawless nation, a NARCO STATE.

Petro Caribe presented a God-given opportunity for thieves. Preval/Celestin, with the assistance of Castel, our Central Bank Governor,  managed to make $198,000,000 disappear, money that will have to be repaid by our children, their children, and their childrens’ children.

Some say Castel became a billionaire. Haiti should spend some money on a forensic audit of the central bank,  coordinated by Deloit, or Price-Waterhouse- but this will never happen.

Our present electoral process sees a choice between Preval surrogate, Jude Celestin and Jovenel Moise, NEG BANNANN.

The choices are simple.

Do we want the past, a past in which Jude Celestin has played a major murderous, hands-on criminal role or a future, offered by Jovenel Moise, NEG BANNANN?

Remember, Celestin  was Prevals intermediary with the assassin Amaraol Duclona arranging the murders of CNE chief  Robert Marcello and a French Consul. Duclona is presently jailed in France and restified, at great length, against Aristide, Preval and Celestin.


Let’s  take a real and positive step towards a positive future for our Nation and our children?

Haiti is left  with a rapidly deteriorating ecology that will soon remove any chance of planting anything. Prior to 1986 Haiti was an exporter of food. Now, we are a beggar state.


Jovenel Moise is the Future.

Let’s bury the Past and move forward.

Let us make 2016 the first real year of Haiti’s true Renaissance, a Renaissance based upon a foundation created by Michel Martelly..

He is a professional Agronome who has demonstrated  a high level of skill in the creation of successful, productive and profitable projects. His efforts in recreating our banana production is well known, as is his generation of export quantities of piment and peppers.

Jovenel has also focused upon a number of projects to the benefit of his fellow citizens.

Now, Jovenel Moise stands on the verge of becoming President of Haiti, bringing his skills and background.


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