Haitian Farmers Under Siege

The Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA) plants one million trees a year in Haiti - a country with only two percent of its remaining tree cover. The organization focuses efforts on two main priorities: planting trees and improving crop yields for smallholder farmers. Shown here are few local children, who are lending a helping hand to transport tree seedlings.

The United Nations and the Government of Haiti both issued warnings last week about a pending food crisis in rural Haiti.

The U.N. number is 1.5 million, while the Haitian Government indicated 1.3 million people — mostly farmers and their families — are at risk of serious malnutrition because of crop losses due to last year’s record-breaking storm season.

Please check out my first Huffington Post Canada blog in which I argue that there are four main issues that have led to this looming tragedy. I also suggest that the Smallholder Farmers Alliance is at least one way to combat the situation.

You can also follow my regular blog on the Smallholder Farmers Alliance website.


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