Haitian extradited in French consul’s death


Associated Press
2010-01-09 05:50 AM

Haitian gang leader Amaral Duclona has been extradited to France.

Dominican anti-drug agency spokesman Roberto Lebron says Duclona left from the Dominican Republic aboard an Air France flight to Paris on Thursday night. Duclona was guarded by three French police officers.

The 31-year-old Haitian is accused of killing French honorary consul Paul Henri Mourral during the violence following President Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s 2004 ouster.

He is also suspected in kidnappings including that of slain U.N. and Canadian police officer Mark Bourque.

Duclona escaped from U.N. peacekeepers when they raided his Haitian home in 2007. He was arrested while living under a false name in the neighboring Dominican Republic in September.



Intelligence sources report that Duclona gave up a number of key government officials, including President Preval himself. Duclona was a key Preval enforcer who killed on command. He murdered French Consul Paul Henri Mourral and several others over a period of years.  When   President Preval, and his criminal conspirators, substituted used instead of new equipment in a $100,000,000 deal, a member of the Public Works staff refused to sign the documentation. Duclona killed this mn for Preval. When things got dangerous, Duclona went to his in Preval’s Sister’s house until Jude Celestin, boyfriend of Preval’s daughter, acquired a false passport for him.

Duclona went into hiding in the Dominican Repulic. Funds were forwarded to him via Western Union. Receipts sho the money came from the President’s office, the prime minister’ office….etc.

The French Ambassador promised to have Preval’s head for the crimes.

Talk is cheap.


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  1. Would be assistance if French released detail before Fevrier vote so Preval forced to start over new CEP.

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