Haitian Businessman Arrested in DR for Drug Trafficking

Rodolphe Jaar mugshot
SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (defend.ht) – A business partner and friend to the Martelly family was arrested in the Dominican Republic Wednesday night for conspiracy and trafficking of cocaine.
Rodolphe Jaar, a member of the Haitian upperclass, was living in a luxury suite at a hotel in the Dominican capital’s Malecon complex when D.R. National Drug Control Agency (DNCD) raided the establishment.
Authorities in DR say Jaar possessed identification, passports and credit cards for different countries including the Haiti, the United States and the Dominican Republic. Jaar also had $62,927 in cash on him.
“He’s a person with legal problems in the United States and the Dominican Republic for drug trafficking,” said DNCD Spokesman Roberto Lebron who said that Jaar would be extradited to the United States.
In Florida, Jaar and his brother owned businesses with some of President Michel Martelly’s family members namely, United Foam and Plastic, LLC.
It said that an October 1, 2012 ban of plastic bags and foam containers in Haiti was to boost business for United Foam and Plastic. Reuters wrote after the ban on the materials was made:
The first batch of eco-friendly containers arrived in Haiti two weeks ago, imported from the United States, and Hilaire keeps a small stack of them next to his desk. “These are made from agricultural waste,” he said, holding up a light brown, hinged clamshell food container.

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