Haiti- Where is the Money?

All the Money donated to Haiti went to Private NGO’s and President
Clinton Foundation. None of the Money went to the Haitian Government.
The Government has no money….
Anderson Cooper, CNN- Tuesday July 13, 2010


Original is in French- Translation is in Bold

List of Private NGO’s  (Organizations) who collected help and money
for Haiti after the Earthquake. They Collected  1.1 Milliard for

1– La Croix Rouge a collectee US$725 millions au niveau mondial. Des
US$725 millions, la Croix Rouge Americaine a recue  US$444 millions.
L’organisation a recue des promesses au telephone de l’ordre de US$32
Red Cross collected $725 million over the world. The United States
Red Cross collected $444 and they had a pledge of $32 over the phone.

2-Catholic Relief Services a collecte US$135.7 millions– Catholic Relief Services collected US$135.7 millions

3-Medecins sans Frontieres a collecte US$ 124 millions au niveau
mondiale et US$61.1 millions aux Etats Unis-
Doctors without borders collected US$ 124 millions around the world
and US$61.1 millions in the United States

4-World Vision a collecte 103 millions au niveau mondial et US$41
millions aux Etats Unis-
World Vision collected 103 millions around the World and  US$41
millions in the United States

5-Le telethon des acteurs et artistes maericains a collecte US$ 76 millions-
Telethon American Actors and artists Americans collected US$ 76 million

6-Partners in Health du Dr. Paul Farmer a collecte US$66 millions-
Partners in Health by Dr. Paul Farmer collected US$66 millions

7-Unicef a collecte US$65.4 millions-Unicef collected US$65.4 million

8-Clinton Bush Initiative a collecte US$37 millions –Clinton Bush Initiative collected US$37 millions

9-Save the Children a collecte 35.1 millions au niveau mondial et
US$25 millions aux Etats Unis-
Save the Children  collected 35.1 millions around the World and  US$25
millions in the US

10-Project HOPE a distribue US$35 millions en medicaments et US$1.7
millions en cash-
Project HOPE  distributed US$35 millions in Medecine and  US$1.7
millions in cash

11-Plan USA a collecte au US$32.6 millions au niveau mondiale et US$2
millions aux Etats Unis-
Plan USA  collected around the world  US$32.6 millions  and US$2
millions  in the US.

12-Salvation Army a collecte US$20.5 millions-Salvation Army collected
US$20.5 millions

13-Catholic Medical Mission Board a collecte 19.6 millions en
medicaments et US$1.92 millions en cash-
Catholic Medical Mission Board collected 19.6 millions in medicine and
US$1.92 millions in cash

14-Care USA a collecte US$17.75 millions-Care USA  collected US$17.75 millions

15-Yele Foundation, Wyclef Jean a collecte US$16 millions-Yele
Foundation, Wyclef Jean collected US$16 millions

16-AmeriCares a collecte US$16 millions-AmeriCares collected US$16 million

17-Mercy Corps a collecte US$14.6 millions-Mercy Corps collected
US$14.6 millions

18-The United Methodist Committee US$14.5 millions-The United
Methodist Committee  collected US$14.5 millions

19-Fondation Clinton a collecte US$14.5 millions-Fondation Clinton
collected US$14.5 millions

20-Friends of the World Food Program US$13.1 millions-Friends of the
World Food Program US$13.1 millions

21-International Relief and Development a recu US$12.5 millions en
produits et US$345.000 en cash-
International Relief and Development received US$12.5 millions in
products and  US$345.000 in cash

22-Habitat for Humanity US$11.5 millions-Habitat for Humanity
collected  US$11.5 million

23-Mennonite Central Committee a collecte US$8.1 millions au Canadan
et US$5.18 millions aux Etats Unis-
Mennonite Central Committee collected US$8.1 millions Canadian and
US$5.18 millionsin US.

24-Action Against Hunger a collecte US$7 millions-Action Against
Hunger  collected US$7 millions

25-Adventist Development and Relief Agency a collecte US$6.9 millions-
Adventist Development and Relief Agency  collected US$6.9 million

26-International Rescue Committee a collecte US$6.6 millions-
International Rescue Committee collected US$6.6 million

27-Lutheran World Service a collecte US$6.5 millions-Lutheran World
Service collected US$6.5 million

28-Direct Relief International a collecte US$6.1 millions-Direct
Relief International  collected US$6.1 million

29-American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee a collecte US$6.1 millions-
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee  collected US$6.1 million

30-International Medi Corps a collecte US$6 millions-International
Medi Corps  collected US$6 million

31-American Jewish World Service a collecte US$5.7 millions-
American Jewish World Service  collected US$5.7 million

32-Operation USA a recu US$5.7 millions en produits et US$1.4 en cash-
Operation USA received US$5.7 millions in products and US$1.4 million in cash.

33-Cross International a collecte US$4.6 millions-Cross International
collected US$4.6 millions

34-Medical Team International a collecte US$4.5 millions-Medical Team
International collected US$4.5 millions

35-The University of Miami a collecte US$4.4. millions-The University
of Miami collected US$4.4. millions

36-The UN Foundation a collecte US$3.9 millions-The United Nations
Foundation collected US$3.9 millions

-Concern Worldwide US a collecte US$3.2 millions-Concern Worldwide
US collected US$3.2 millions

38-Church World Service a collecte US$3.2 millions-Church World
Service collected US$3.2 millions

39-The Lions Club International a collecte US$2.4 millions-The Lions
Club International collected US$2.4 millions

40-Islamic Relief USA a collecte US$2.1 millions-Islamic Relief USA
collected US$2.1 millions

41-The Unitarian Universalist Committee a collecte US$1.84 millions-
The Unitarian Universalist Committee collected US$1.84 millions

42-Panamerican Development Foundation a collecte US$1.61 millions-
Panamerican Development Foundation collected US$1.61 millions

43-Heifer International a collecte US$1.4 millions-Heifer
International collected US$1.4 millions

44-Fonkoze USA a collecte US$1.26 millions-Fonkoze USA collected
US$1.26 millions

45-Feed the Children a collecte US$ 1 million-Feed the Children a
collecte US$ 1 million

46-The Humane Society of the United States a collecte US$1 million-
The Humane Society of the United States  collected US$1 million

47-Oxfam a collecte US$100 millions au niveau mondiale et 23.2
millions aux Etats Unis-
Oxfam a collecte US$100 millions millions around the world et 23.2
millions in the United States

Where is all  the Money?

Who is controlling the Help we sent???
le forum officiel d’Haïti Nation !


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6 thoughts on “Haiti- Where is the Money?

  1. Don’t worry.

    Bill Clinton is in control.

    After being made czar of the program he took five months..FIVE MONTHS!!! to hold his first meeting of the committee.

    Haiti gets cheated, yet again.

    More millionaires created.

    More starving children.

  2. A lot of ONGs are operating expensive SUVs and staying in expensive rooms. Lots of expensive meals. Lots of expensive time writing expensive proposals for expensive projects that will never occur.

    The Haitian people are realists and have adjusted to their new, lower standard.

  3. Time for the criminal Preval to depart and take his criminal association with him.

    Also time for criminal MINUSTAH to free Haiti from occupation.

    No amnesty.

    No impunity.

    Preval and his team must face justice for their crimes against Haiti’s people.

  4. This list should be given to the people of Haiti. They need to know who has the money, so when they start burning tires they will be clear of who to ask for their money.

  5. Here is what the Humane Society of the U.S. is doing with the funds we raised for disater relief efforts. Our organization has hired a Haiti program coordinator (stationed in Haiti), and we are working on five areas of focus: the establishment of an animal care center; advanced veterinary training for Haitian vets; street dog spay/neuter clinics; equine care clinics; and disaster training in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture. Just recently we held a training in disaster management for the Min. of Ag veterinarians. More information is available on our website at http://www.humanesociety.org/news/dispatch/2010/06/groundwork_for_animal_welfare_in_haiti_062110.html.

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