Haiti wheat imports to rise 5% in 2019/20 as milling output grows

Wheat consumption in Haiti during Marketing Year (MY) 2019/2020 (July 2019/ June 2020) is forecast at 415,000 metric tons (MT). During MY 2018/19, Haiti is expected to import 410,000 metric tons (MT) of wheat and wheat products. Rice continues to be a staple food for Haitians. Production of milled rice for MY 2019/20 (July 2019/ June 2020) is forecast at 75,000 MT, with imports increasing to 480,000 MT. More than 90 percent of imported rice comes from the United States. Corn remains one of the agricultural products in which Haiti is generally self-sufficient. Production of corn in MY 2019/2020 is forecast at 320,000 MT, with imports decreasing to 20,000 metric tons (MT).


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