Haiti to have November vote????-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

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Monday 28th June, 2010

Haiti's president Rene Preval has issued orders that the country's  nine-member provisional electoral council should organise elections for   November 28th.

Haiti’s president Rene Preval has issued orders that the country’s nine-member provisional electoral council should organise elections for November 28th.

The presidential and legislative elections to be held on the day will signal the end of Preval’s five-year presidential term, which actually ends on February 7th.

The Haitian parliament has voted to allow him to remain in office until May 14th should a successor not be chosen by February.

Preval has been late in announcing the election date due to struggles the country is going through to rebuild itself after the devastating earthquake that struck in January.

Many people in Haiti are known to be against elections in conditions where over a million people have been displaced by the quake, but the international community has been pressing Preval.

Accusations of fraud and disinterest marred Haiti’s last elections in 2009.



Who are the people against an election in November??

They are people who have three meals a day.

The massive majority of Haiti’s 9,000,000 hate Rene Preval and have absolutely no respect for n his government and its ongoing criminality.

They did not vote for Preval in 2006!!  He had 23% when MINUSTAH’s Brazil and Chile, in combination with Rene Momplaisir, gave Preval 51% in order to avoid a run-off. The other candidates were not consulted…the American, Canadian, French embassies were not consulted.

The nation was presented with an unconstitutional fait accompli.

The massive majority has lost faith in the Democratic Process since their vote does not seem to count. Big Brother decides who they should have, even when they vote against the selection.

This is the last chance for the Democratic Process!!

A new CEP and a really fair vote must be the result of the present ongoing process.

Preval and his fellow criminals must go……one way or another.


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3 thoughts on “Haiti to have November vote????-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

  1. Seems as though the external pressure has forced Preval to actually issue a true Electoral Decree.

    However, with his Preval-controlled CEP in place we are still facing a flawed process.

    The International Community gave us Preval, in 2006, when he only had 23% of the vote.

    Perhaps the International Community can make up for this crime by ensuring a true, fair election for Haiti in November.

  2. I am not of optimism.

    The lion does not change his spots.

    Preval is what he is and cannot be something other.

    He will do what is needed to fix our election.

    Preval fears another outcome that will leave him unprotected.

    Only the blan can save us from our fates.

  3. If we must depend upon the Americans’ integrity we are already lost.

    Perhaps the Canadians will prevail in their insistence upon a new CEP or they will not release any funds.

    I am not optimistic.

    The foreigner has an agenda out of step with that required by Haiti.

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