Haiti senate president denies complicity in arrest and deportation of fellow senator- Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth


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PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti — Youri Latortue, the president of the Haitian senate, has rejected allegations of his participation in a conspiracy that led to the extradition of fellow senator Guy Philippe, who was arrested on January 5 and deported to the United States to face charges ranging from the importation of narcotics to money laundering.

Senate President, Youri Latortue

According to US law enforcement sources, Philippe’s arrest was put in motion following an approach made to the US government by one of his opponents in the recent elections, and orchestrated by the US State Department in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Philippe claimed in a telephone conversation with an unidentified person that, according to information he has, Latortue and four senators associated with Lavalas (the political party of former president Jean Bertrand Aristide) were allegedly involved in a conspiracy leading to his arrest.

Jeantel Joseph, the president of the National Consortium of Haitian Political Parties, has confirmed that it is the voice of their candidate Guy Philippe that is heard in this conversation. According to HaitiLibre, Philippe’s wife has also authenticated his voice.

On Monday, following Philippe’s allegations, Latortue vigorously denied these accusations, saying that Philippe’s voice was tampered with and that it is a maneuver of former public officials implicated in a report on corruption.



It is true that Youri Latortue managed to gain support of 4 Lavalas Senators, a trick that would be impossible without Aristide’s approval.  Youri has had a long term association with Aristide/Lavalas.

The claim that Guy’s voice was manipulated is bizarre, This has  been refuted by our government associates who know about such things.
Guy Philippe says it is his voice,  and it appears to a part of a 28 minute segment, available on YouTube.

Guy Philippe di Youri Latortue ak 4 Senatè Lavalas yo konplis nan Ameriken ki al arete li an Haiti

Youri Latortue Te Nan Konplo Pou Yo Arete Guy Philippe

Aristide’s main threat would be Guy Philippe in the Senate. This would probably result in Aristide’s arrest and trial for a bag full of minor crimes, including Murder, kidnap, child endangerment, cocaine trafficking, embezzlement, simple theft, and parking violations.

He had already spent a substantial sum to have the DEA include Guy’s name in dossiers that had nothing to do with Guy.

The simple fact is this – Guy Philippe is innocent. Unfortunately, the way America’s Justice System is loaded, he will be convicted since he doesn’t have adequate legal representation.

It will be interesting to hear the testimony of American sources who say it was one of Guy’s opponents who double-crossed him.


He is being abandoned by a Nation that owes him everything, as a result of his 2004 removal of Aristide.

We should be investigating Aristide for his fortune. He claims to have written some books and received royalties.

Guy is being investigated for Money Laundering involving a check he deposited in an American bank for something like $100,000. My goodness, he is not stupid enough to use a check to transfer criminal cash. The funds were from the sale of a piece of property, belonging to his father, and were aimed at buying a family home in the States.

How about investigating the very expensive homes purchased in Miami’s Pembroke Pines, with bags of used $100 American bills – CASH, CASH, CASH!!!!



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2 thoughts on “Haiti senate president denies complicity in arrest and deportation of fellow senator- Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

  1. youri Latortue has always been Aristide man.
    He is said to have eliminated Pere Vincent on Aristide command.
    As chef palais securiti he did other unfortunate acts for Aristide and Preval.
    He embarasses his wife and children publicly with mistresses.
    He should be arrested for cocaine moves since his fortune is based on such.
    When his uncle was PM Youri was known as Mr 20% since his fee was that for obtaining government positions for people.
    The Americans know the facts but prefer to arrest a man who was their ally in a very important task. The removal of Aristide.
    Shame on America.

  2. Guy was never in drugs.
    Youri is a king of cocaine with Chancy his Premier Ministre candidate from his AAA in Artibonite

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