Haiti – Politic : Serious consequences in case of publication of the Constitution…

Reacting to the possible publication of the text of the amended Constitution, the historian Georges Michel explains the consequences of such a decision “…the President Martelly has a report of group of independent jurists who explains by A + B that we can not publish these amendments http://www.haitilibre.com/article-5106-haiti-constitution-rapport-du-groupe-de-juristes-independants-texte-integral.html (in french) But he is the President of the Republic and he is free to decide what he wants, but he will face the consequences, because this publication of disputed amendment, of fraudulent amendment will not be inconsequential. He should not forget that there is a second constitution in Creole in the country, which is intact and authentic and which is contradictory. So I asked him how he intends to address this situation ? […]

…it will happen things at the level of President, there will be negative consequence for him, because we can not do a thing and its opposite. The reasons which prevented the publication of amendments is and remain, if he decides to ignore, that is his choice, it is his responsibility but these reasons are and remain.

[…] When he will talk about rule of law, he will not be taken seriously, he will lose credibility and it is currently being to harm himself, that’s one thing.

The second point is that you will have a political problem starting from the publication of the amendment. There are people who will rejoice, but there are others who will continue to defend the Constitution, and the President Martelly will find itself with a political and Constitutional crisis on his hands, hat he will have to manage during the time remaining to his term […]

…there are advantages in the amendments that Mr. Préval had put for him, Mr. Préval had deliberately destabilized the Constitution. One of the advantages that he had done, it’s a Permanent Electoral Council, which eliminates the involvement of the base and a Constitutional Council which would be under his control… The consequence, is that one can find faced to a boycott of the elections, with contested elections, fraudulent and a 5% participation rate… And he [the President Martelly] will have to manage all that […]

…in relation to Article 149 […] Now there is the Interim of Prime Minister, and if the Prime Minister is out… there is nothing. So we will have the logic of 1957 with of governments of public salvation and the fact that each, each week will be able [in that situation], to imagine its own government, therefore, we go to problems… But again, it is the responsibility of the President, we can not much […] there will be serious consequences…

[…] In my opinion the disadvantages of the publication of the amendments, far outweighs the benefits we could get […]” The historian suggests that it would be better to wait and make new amendments correctly in French and Creole…


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