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Haiti - Politic : Report of the Senate Committee of Inquiry (Full Report)

In the report of the Special Senate Committee of Inquiry responsible for investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of investigating judge, Jean-Serge Joseph, after hearing many people and personalities mentioned in this case, is convinced that the threats and political pressure [stress] have claimed the life of judge Jean-Serge Joseph. The Commissioners concluded that all concerned including the President Michel Martelly, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, the Minister of Justice Jean-Renel Sanon… are liars based on hearsay (statements reported by others who have not been direct witnesses), passing without transition from conditional to affirmative, recommends their impeachment “for crime of high treason…” and removal…

We would have liked a little more serious in this report, discredited by some bias, emotion and a lack of retained of Commissioners in their work, we can quaote for the xample on page 30 point 0 the assertion that : “[…] All those who have contributed to the organization of the meeting, participated in the meeting, lied about the meeting during which Judge Jean Serge Joseph was tortured until death ensues […]”

Furthermore, convinced, even before the formation of the Commission, that they are the pressures of the Executive that caused the stroke of Judge Joseph, the Commissioner attempts to confirm this hypothesis by saying “l) The intra-parenchymal hemorrhage diagnosed would be the direct consequence of a strong submission to intense psychological pressure. m) The judge had never been diagnosed as suffering from metabolic problems (hypertension, hyperglycemia, etc…), the physicians of Hospital Bernard Mevs concluded that strong blood pressure observed in the patient at his admission o hospital may be the result of intracranial hypertension, which itself may have been the result of immense stress.”

The Commissioners seeming obviously ignore the scientific position on factors cause of the stroke, thus in the study INTERSTROKE [Risk factors for ischemic and intracerebral haemorrhagic stroke in 22 countries (the INTERSTROKE study) : a case-control study], covering 6,000 people in 22 countries, the 10 risk factors: hypertension, smoking, obesity, poor diet, low physical activity, diabetes, alcohol consumption, cardiac causes such as atrial fibrillation, myocardial infarction and heart valve disease, High cholesterol and psychological factors such as stress and depression.

Each of these factors has a different level of risk. A third of stroke is attributable to hypertension, while the stress is linked to less than 5% stroke. The INTERSTROKE study and other scientific studies confirm that CHRONIC STRESS is a risk factor for stroke, but its importance is minor.

We leave our readers to make their own opinion, reading this entire 32-page report, which bears the signatures of senators François Anick Joseph, President ; Westner Polycarpe, Rapporteur ; John Joël Joseph, memeber ; Steven Irvenson Benoit, memebr and Pierre Francky Exius, member.

Download the full report of the Senate Committee of Inquiry :

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How can Haiti hope to have any sort of stability, let alone Democracy, when its elected representatives continue on their irresponsible course of actions?

Haiti is set to have elections, before the end of 2013, in which Haitians will elect more idiots to the Senate and other offices. Those who win will look towards having new Land Cruisers, expensive mistresses, and luxury trips to foreign destinations, all financed by Haiti’s poor.

Of course, they will forget their constituents immediately after the vote count and progress to bigger things like holding President Martelly up before they vote. Votes cost money, in Haiti, as the elected representatives’ support goes to the biggest bribe.

Aristide and Preval understood this. Aristide still works this magic in his effort to destabilize Martelly, so his people can regain control.

Time for the Nation to focus on elections, even though the combined IQ of those elected will probably not equal 120.


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