Haiti – Politic : Case Simonis-Zenny, the journalist Pierre Etzer threatened

Haiti - Politic : Case Simonis-Zenny, the journalist Pierre Etzer threatened

The journalist Pierre Etzer, principal animator of the program “Tour de l’actualité” on the airwaves of Radio Bellevue Internationale 103.9 FM, provides details following the altercation that occurred between the first senator of South East, Edwin Daniel Zenny (Edo) and Bob Simonis, Judge of Peace of Jacmel during the radio show of Saturday, September 8, 2012.

“After a demonstration organized by the population of Lamandou, locality of the town of Jacmel, to protest against the decision of the Judge of Peace Bob Simonis, who has released four individuals arrested by police for theft. I found it necessary to invite the Judge, who after all reluctantly agreed to come and answer my questions on this issue. There was also the presence in the show, of Lucien Pierre, former Departmental coordinator of party MOCHRENA, to comment on the news,” declared the journalist Pierre Etzer.

Explaining that while his show was nearing its end, “the Senator Zenny, entered the studio of the Radiouninvited. Before concluding, Napoléon Jean Lambert, the Commercial Director of the Radio, asked me to give five minutes to Senator Zenny, so he can put his words because his name was mentioned by the Judge Simonis. Therefore, he started throwing insults against him. A few minutes later, in a very tense atmosphere, while there was exchange of words between the Senator Zenny and the judge Bob and despite the maneuvers of some staff of the radio to prevent the Senator Zenny to face the magistrate Simonis, unfortunately he spat in his face.”

The journalist Pierre Etzer [local correspondent of Radio Galaxie], however, rejects the statements made to the press by the Judge of Peace making believe that the Senator Zenny threatened him with his gun. However, the journalist Etzer Pierre, one of the eyewitnesses, admitted that the Senator Edwin Zenny had well spat in the face of the magistrate.

Etzer Pierre deplores the behavior of Senator Zenny, suggesting that he is a journalist of the opposition, working against the power in place, due to the fact, that he chose to give the whole truth and only the truth in this case “My conscience is clear, since I am a professional journalist and I always want to remain objective and impartial according to the standards of the profession. Frustrating, annoying and embarrassing, Such were my feelings to observe the spit of Senator Zenny in the face of the judge, saying to me ‘Etzer mwen wè mwen pran nan yon konplo’ […]”

Etzer Pierre explained that, “at a press conference in his private residence, Saturday, Sept. 8, a few minutes after having committed the act, the Senator Edwin Zenny (Edo) confessed in my presence, as well as other journalists, including the journalist Alain Pierre, Secretary General of the Association of Journalists of South East (AJSE), that he spat in the face of the Judge of Peace Bob Simonis because the staff of the radio, prevented him to confront physically the judge.”

Faced with this situation, the journalist Etzer Pierre, after having reported the act of Senator Zenny in the press and to the general public, has indicated that he began to suffer threats from supporters of Senator Zenny. The latter was confident nevertheless, to continue to perform his duties without fear, in the interest of the population. The journalist draws the attention of the public about the threats which he is the subject, and said that he puts his life into the hands of Senator Edwin Zenny and his zealous partisans


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