Haiti – News : Zapping politics…

Haiti - News : Zapping politics...

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The G15 proposes a Senate President of Lavalas trend
In the Senate, the 13 senators of the majority bloc said they were willing to vote for Evalière Beauplan (PONT) as president of the Senate. However, the minority senators G9, recall that Evalière Beauplan is close to Lavalas, like Presidnet a.i. Jocelerme Privert and Prime Minister named, and that it is not acceptable to entrust these 3 functions to a sector of ame political tendency, calling for a consensus that will ensure a balance between the political forces.

The Cabinet of Ministers urrently being finalized
Friday, regarding the formation of the Cabinet of Ministers and Secretaries of State, the President a.i. pointed out “We are finalizing consultations with various sectors of national life to identify individuals that meet the criteria, with the required skills to be part of this new government.”

Presentation of the General Policy next week ?
Abel Descollines, First Secretary at the Chamber of Deputies stated that the Prime Minister named Jean, had promised to forward his original documents in the Lower House, so that the study of his case continues.

Moreover, the President a.i. Privert hope that by the beginning of next week, Parliament will be able to receive the Prime Minister appointed to hear his statement and give him a vote of confidence…

The French Diplomacy keeps an eye on Privert
Elisabeth Beton Delègue, Ambassador of France accredited to Haiti, met this week with President a.i Jocelerme Privert, at the National Palace.

The PHTK monitors compliance with the agreement…
Friday Jovenel Moses intervening on a radio station of the capital recalled “that the PHTK has nothing to do in the agreement of 6 February, which was signed between the executive and the legislature,” but said that ” February 19 Privert had met 2 PHTK adviser and a member of the party.”

He recalled that it takes a bit of civility in the relations between political actors and on the other hand, the PHTK monitors compliance with the agreement of 6 February.

Moreover he declared “The President Martelly is now semi-retired and now it’s me who takes the leadership of the movement PHTK Tèt Kale. My motto is ‘acta non verba’ (deeds and not words)”

He finally recalled that it remains 50 days before the holding of elections “I think Privert has all the maneuver in hand to make the only choice he has, which is to apply and enforce the agreement, PHTK Mande respè akò a la lèt !”

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