Haiti Forms Transitional Council To Restore Stability- Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

(MENAFN– The Rio Times) In a pivotal stride toward stability, Haitian leaders have reached a consensus on forming a transitional council.

This initiative is designed to shepherd Hait from its present state of chaos, marked by rampant gang violence and political discord, to a more stable and democratic future.

The blueprint for this nine-members council includes a mix of representatives from various sectors of society.

The goal is for a comprehensive approach to governance during this critical transition period.

The goal is to lead the nation towards presidential elections slated for early 2026, with the council’s mandate expiring on February 7, 2026.

Complicating Haiti’s journey towards normalization is the return of Guy Philippe, a figure with a tumultuous past, adding layers of complexity to the nation’s political landscape.

Philippe is known for leading a 2004 coup, and has returned to Haiti’s political scene after serving a U.S. prison sentence for money laundering.

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM has played a crucial role in helping establish Haiti’s transitional governing council.

This effort underscores the pressing need for political reforms and the adoption of an inclusive governance model capable of addressing Haiti’s multifaceted challenges.

The council is poised to focus on key areas: enhancing security measures, initiating constitutional and institutional reforms, and orchestrating the pathway to elections.

The establishment of a national security council is a key step, tasked with managing international aid for security, demonstrating Haiti’s cooperative strategy for tackling security issues.



The CARICOM solution is a disaster. The 9 member council represents no one in Haiti and is just an excuse to put things off for another two years.

Haiti deserves more than this.


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