Haiti – FLASH : Biometrics defeats irregular Haitians in DR

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Haiti - FLASH : Biometrics defeats irregular Haitians in DR

Lieutenant General Máximo William Muñoz Delgado, Director General of Migration (DGM), revealed that during migration control operations, Migration Inspectors had seized in the hands of Haitians in an irregular situation on Dominican territory, 153 authentic cards of the National Regularization Plan of Foreigners (PNRE) belonging to other people and 183 false cards as well as 5 Dominican cedulas and about thirty falsified Haitian passports (false visas among others…)

The DGM informs that attempts at fraud with false cards or with authentic cards usurpanting different identities of the bearer, have been revealed by migration inspectors through the use of electronic readers and comparison with the biometric fingerprint database of the actual owner of the card and the person using that document.

Remember that in the event of identity theft, use of a genuine PNRE card from another registrant, the real owner of the card, in the absence of a complaint (which is almost always the case) is excluded from the PNRE (deletion of his file) and subject to expulsion from the Dominican territory.

The user of a PNRE card which is not his own is liable to legal prosecution for identity theft and the cards are sent to the corresponding embassies accredited in the country or to the competent national bodies.

In addition, Lieutenant General Delgado recalled that an investigation is still under way with other state security agencies to identify those responsible for the falsification and production of false documents on the Dominican territory to bring them before the courts.


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