Haiti – Elections : Verification Commission, beginning of consultations – Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Haiti - Elections : Verification Commission, beginning of consultations

Haiti Libre:

Monday to National Palace, President a.i. Jocelerme Privert reported having sent letters to all political parties represented in Parliament or not, in order to discuss the establishment of the Verification Commission. Meetings should begin from this Tuesday, April 12 and stakeholders should work on the terms of reference of this Commission and the personalities to be part of.

The Head of State said consider as an “obligation” the task of creating this Commission and expressed his desire to “dialogue with all stakeholders together to define the role of this Commission,” noting that the objective of this initiative “is to alleviate, not to create more crises […]”

Moreover he said it was difficult to decide on the future of the electoral process, without the Verification Commission because it is the condition of many actors to participate in the next, concluding that “the establishment of the Commission is not not for me but for the country and for the population to have confidence in the electoral process.”

Moreover, while Moïse Jean-Charles, a G8 member, claimed last Thursday that dialogue http://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-17138-haiti-news-zapping-politics.html , Samuel Madistin, G8 spokesman in a letter dated April 11, in response to the Secretary General of the Presidency announces that the G8 declines the invitation to dialogue “The presidential candidates engaged in the electoral process known under the group name of Eight (G-8) acknowledge receipt of your correspondence dated April 7, 2016, by which you invited the G-8 to participate in collective meeting for discussions conclusive on the composition and terms of reference of the Independent Electoral Commission of verification.

The position oft repeated, of the G-8 on this issue is known to all and the provisional government in particular. The G-8 does not understand the tergiversations to achieve the formation of this Commission which, in principle, should have been composed long ago.

The G-8 is sorry to not be able to attend this meeting in order not to give substance to the perception of those who see in the multiplication of these meetings a delaying tactic or the temptation to use the Commission as a blackmail tool [ …]”

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Even the people in G8 – which really represents a small percentage of the vote – sees through Privert’s effort to delay the overall process.,

The G8’s spokesman got 0.88% vote in the October first round.

The new commission will accomplish nothing, other that more wasted time.


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  1. Short time before Privert dismissed.

    A Justice will coordinate elections.

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