Haiti – Elections : Frauds and neutrality, Minustah tries to reassure-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Many political sectors expressed these last weeks, doubts about the real willingness of a part of the international community to be neutral, especially following recent statements by the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) Jose Miguel Insulza who said that the electoral process was beyond reproach, trivializing criticism of political actors. The Civil Society Initiative (Initiative de la Société Civile ISC) for its part, was concerned and worried about the risk of fraud during the electoral process.

In response to these doubts and concerns, Edmond Mulet, the representative of Secretary General United Nations, said that the actueal Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), provides sufficient guarantees for the holding of elections and the international community has no reason to doubt the capacity of the electoral institution. He also encouraged citizens to participate massively in the forthcoming November elections.

Regarding the tabulation center, considered by various sectors, including Civil Society Initiative (ISC), as the main place where irregularities can be recorded, Edmond Mulet on the contrary, believes that this center is where the technical risk of fraud is the lowest. He noted that information processing will simultaneously by two different teams and national observers [Local] and international, as candidates will be invited to observe the counting process in the tabulation center. A statement that contradicts the words of Professor Rosny Desroches, head of the ISC that recently lamented that access to the central tabulation “was denied of access to all local observers”.

In addition, Edmond Mulet invites all candidates and voters who are witnesses of fraud during the electoral process to bring back the facts to the mission OAS/CARICOM and the United Nations will see how they can help correct them.

Although more moderate than the remarks of Jose Miguel Insulza, the fact remains that the communication line of the representative of Secretary General of the United Nations is the same. The opposite would have been surprising, considering the close cooperation and interrelations of these international organizations who think [probably] it is better to have “bad election” rather than a transitional government. A position that diverges more and more from certain political and civil society actors, who believe the contrary, they think that more time was needed to organize good elections, with a credible CEP, rather than elections “at all costs”.



Edmund Mulet makes me want to vomit!

Why is he peddling this cynical, dishonest garbage?

The UN does not want elections.

Bill and Hillary Clinton do not want elections.

The Preval government is the result of criminal MINUSTAH interference in the 2006 election. The took Preval’s 23 percent and expanded it into 51 percent to avoid a run-off which was constitutionally required.

Why should we think their game has changed?

MINUSTAH is a criminal organization and should be forced to leave by whoever wins the vote.


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2 thoughts on “Haiti – Elections : Frauds and neutrality, Minustah tries to reassure-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

  1. MINUSTAH has been involved with Cocaine and Kidnaps.

    They cannot be charged because they have immunity.

    They assault young girls and boys, sexually, and cannot be prosecuted.

    The MINUSTAH is a plague that will not go away.

    The next president must throw the UN out of Haiti is we are to survive as a nation and not an office for the UN crimes.

  2. Minustah, PNH,CEP,PREVAL GOVERNMENTS,ONU, OEA, CARICOM,CLUB MADRID, CLUB PARIS, have been created and put together to distroy and steal Haiti.

    With the big stealers from the world, how Haitians could gey them out of the country?

    Actually, it seems impossible.But, the way before us is to be involved in other nation political structures like, Canada, USA, France, England, Spain and many more with the only objective to set Haiti free somehow and some day.Right now, we are under fire.
    With weapons and cocaine that Minustah and associates are distributing among the Haitian officials to buy Haiti, it is not possible to do anything.

    Diaspora, stop to be involved in anything cons=cerning Haiti at all. Dismiss them for a while. Integrate their own political structures to become officials among them, and then, you will be able to start changing things inside and out side.

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