Haiti – Elections : 12 senators give their wages- Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Haiti – Elections : 12 senators give their wages
The majority group to the Senate composed of 12 senators : Nenel Cassy, Evallière Beauplan, Ricard Pierre, Francisco Delacruz, François Luca Sainvil, Stevens Iverson Benoît, Francenet Denius, Jean Baptiste Bien Aimé, Westner Polycarpe, Fritz Carlos Lebon, Ronald Larèche and Antonio Cheramy, indicates in a correspondence that following the precariousness of State revenues to help achieve the next elections, they decided to give 2 months of their salary.

Extract of the correspondence :
“[…] In order to remedy this situation, we have decided the following:

1. The donation of our salaries for the month of August and September 2016 except of operating fees as our participation in the realization of the next elections to elect a legitimate president on 7 February 2017 to fill vacancies to the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies;

2. To inform the Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Yves Romain Bastien, for the realization of this approach […]”

One can legitimately question the motivation of such a gesture that clearly wants more political (finding a positive image) than altruistic (selfless).

The reality in figures :
Recall that each senator receives a monthly budget of just over 10,000 US dollars, which included his salary (and not a salary of $10,000). To learn more, please read the exclusive article that we published in 2011, which revealed in broad daylight the details of that budget kept confidential http://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-3421-haiti-politic-exclusive-edwin-zenny-gives-all-the-details-on-the-$10-000.html It appears that the emoluments in question represent around 2,000 dollars a month by senators or for two months and the 12 senators +/- a total of 48,000 dollars…

For those who see this contribution an effort for the financing of elections, know that this amount represents less than 67% of $72,000 paid to 9 CEP electoral advisers for 2 months (budget of 240,000 gourdes paid monthly to each adviser, amount adjusted in October 2015) or again, this donation of $48,000 only cover the salary of +/- 4 judges of BCEN to the upcoming electoral disputes…

Recall that the Senators had to react after the donation from wages of majority deputies to a hospital, who benefited by this gesture of positive impact on their image.

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The Senators should keep their wages.

Instead, they should donate the tens of thousands of dollars each has eceived from Privert to pervert the course of the electoral process.

Each has become wealthy by betraying their fellow Haitians


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  1. Message tel que recu!!!!!Apam tande ekip koriptyon volo yo di yap bay peyia kob travay yo pou election ka fet,bon se on ekip volo yo ye pou Jan neg sa yo ap piye peyi a la ak Privert,apa nap sot pep la tandiske nap volo kêss leta chak semênn nou poko konn sak paré pou nou la bann volo,bann assassin, min list lajan ekip Privert a ap volo…men infomasyon

    Nenel gen kontwol Dwan yo, chak semenn li resevwa 2.000 000 gdes

    Bauplan gen kontwol aeroport Potoprins……..li resevwa yon ti sak 500 000 gdes

    Antonio cheramy Don kato ………li gen kontwol Cas ak cne ………5 000 000 chak semenn

    Jean Baptiste bien aime Dwan wanamint…..

    700 000 gdes pa semenn

    Fritz Carlos lebon kipi volo se li kap fini ak ONA, li gentan pran 200 000 000 poul fini apatman li yo anle a nan tet mon nan . hmmmm

    Bay 2 mwa nan travay yo pa vle di anyen Devan Jan yap kase ponyet peyi a.

    pa.gen la jistis
    pa gen Ulcc
    pa gen UCREF

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