Haiti – Economy : Developing business relationships with Minustah-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Haiti - Economy : Developing business relationships with Minustah

Tuesday, October 15, the United Nations Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (Minustah) organizes in the Hotel Montana, an information seminar for the benefit of domestic suppliers of goods and services, in order to encourage a greater number of Haitian businesses, to develop business relationships with the Mission.

The participation of Haitian suppliers to tenders of the Minustah [125 million U.S. dollars for the 2013-2014 fiscal year], varies from one year to another.

Currently, 56% of providers who participated in a tender of the UN Mission are local, 7% regional (Dominican Republic) and 37% international. However, the procurement report indicates that the majority of services of procurement/products was obtained by regional or international suppliers.

The Minustah intends by this seminar, stimulate and expand the capacity of Haitian businesses to win tenders of the United Nations.

This initiative is an opportunity for domestic investors to familiarize themselves with the mechanisms of procurement, of supply, and of management of supply chains of the United Nations. Emphasis will also be placed on rules and purchasing procedures and technical preparation and submission of bid forms to the United Nations, for the participation of Haitian contractors continues to increase over the coming years.

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MINUSTAH has always had firm and profitable business relations withing the Haitian economy.

MINUSTAH troops for young Haitian girls and boys into prostitution and pornography.

MINUSTAH troops have been good customers of Haitian drug dealers, since the first UN troops arrived in Haiti.

MINUSTAH troops are actively involved with the lucrative cocaine business, assisting with the importation and internal movement of cocaine deliveries.

MINUSTAH has been involved with extensive kick-back relationships with some major businessmen, for years. Contracts are given to special friends.

MINUSTAH takes over programs overlooked by Government of Haiti and splurges the funds on high living, expensive Porsche cars and extra mistresses.

MINUSTAH was kind enough to import cholera. This reduces the surplus population, making the available food go further.

MINUSTAH benefits the few while the majority do without.


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