Haiti, Dominican leaders met in Santo Domingo today

SANTO DOMINGO. – Haiti president René Préval, will meet with president Leonel Fernandez in the National Palace today Tuesday after the former’s arrival at 10 a.m. in a visit not announced to the media.

The meeting comes during Haiti’s post electoral crisis and as the cholera epidemic has claimed the lives of more than 2,000 people.

In the aftermath of the January 12 earthquake Dominican Republic became one of the major cooperators in Haiti, where Fernandez even pledged to build a university, whose groundbreaking he headed recently.

The two leaders are expected to review the Haitian-Dominican agenda, including the migratory problem, trade and others.


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2 thoughts on “Haiti, Dominican leaders met in Santo Domingo today

  1. Ti Rene Preval, restavek disyek la, al pote rapo bay patwon li,paske, plan an preske pase. Ayiti pral devni yon pwovens Ladominikani, pa plis, pa mwens.Fernandez devni gouvene adjwenn tout Zile Kiskeya a, apre mouche Bill Clinton.

    Tout bwat bilten yo te ranpli an dominikani menm jan jounalis dominiken an te di sa.Men, tou, nou konnen sa yo pa konnen.

    Ebyen, n ap sib.

  2. Bellrieve, and the child sex industry in the Dominican Republic, as well as Laura Silsby and her fraud lawyer, Puello all made the Dominican Republic look like Haiti’s dirty closet..and why should we trust any of them?

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