Haiti: Digicel Announces Closing of Voila

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Digicel users clamor for service at a company retail shop. [file]

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) – Six month’s after Digicel acquired Voila, it announced that the Voila network and company will be closing on October 15.

Digicel Haiti CEO, Damian Blackburn announced the completion of the merging of the two networks, “We are excited at the idea of ​​Digicel welcoming Voila subscribers to our family of 4 million customers, who will experience a wider national coverage of broadband 4G service and above all a wide range of products and services, while enjoying unbeatable rates. I want to congratulate and thank the staff and all of our technicians who have worked tirelessly in recent months to make this integration possible.”

Unbeatable Rates

Now, as the only mobile telecommunications company in Haiti, it can only be inferred that Digicel’s rates are going to “unbeatable”. Whether the rates are going to stay low, this is up for speculation.

It is Economics 101 that competition drives competitive pricing, as competing businesses work to earn the business of customers by improving value, service and price. Likewise, competition drives competitive salaries and wages for employees as the competing businesses work to attract the best talent.

Mobile telecommunications users in Haiti can almost guarantee a rise in the cost of services and workers can best believe that pay and benefits will decline. It is the nature of business and making money.


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