Charles Henry Baker Urges Haitian Government to Shed light on Corruption Charges-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Friday, 27 April 2012 21:40

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( chairman of the political party “Respect”, Charles Henry Baker, is worried because of the many abuses of the Haitian authorities. He deplored the absence of head of state which gives opportunity to other abuses.

Among others, the Businessman condemns the refusal of ministers to answer a summons from the outgoing Prime Minister while the country facing a security crisis.

Meanwhile, Charles Henry Baker requires light to be shed on the accusations of the Dominican journalist Nuria Pierra. According to Mr. Baker, Haitian institutions like the Senate, the Chamber of Deputies and the Unit for the Fight against Corruption (ULCC) must at the request of head of state to investigate allegations of corruption.

The Dominican journalist had indicated that Senator Bautista had granted more than$ 2 million to President Martelly during the election campaign and after he was elected President.

Mr. Baker, who was also a presidential candidate, says he has not been contacted by Dominican Senator. I would have refused anyway, says Mr. Baker adding that the charges against Mr. Martelly also mess the country’s image.

Asked about the protest of police, Mr. Baker argued that the response of law enforcement personnel is due to a lack of confidence in the judiciary.

Speaking at the broadcast “Le Point” on TV Metropole, Mr. Baker expressed concern because of rumors of corruption related to the ratification process of the Prime Minister-designate. He said that rumors of bribes dirty the image of the Senate.

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We have already forgotten the criminal Preval efforts to derail the last presidential electoral process in which Jean-Henry Ceant would have won, had the ballots been handled in an honest, and responsible manner.

Preval was afraid of a Ceant  presidency because it held a possibility of Preval’s arrest for massive theft of government funds. A special focus was on the $198,000,000 Petro Caribe dollars that were stolen by Preval, and his associates. So he created a situation that resulted in Ceant being eliminated, leaving Celestin, Manigat, and Martelly, three candidates that did not have any chance at victory.

On election day, 19 candidates claimed voter fraud and created The Group of 19.

Ceant. Baker and Martelly were the three leading candidates.

Had this retained its front, a new ballot would have been called. Preval played a brilliant strategy. He told Manigat, she was ahead in the count, and he told Martelly the same thing. Martelly and Manigat betrayed their promises to the others and broke ranks with other candidates.

Baker, Ceant and Martelly were in a meeting at Ceant’s house, when Martelly broke ranks. Baker was so disgusted he promised to never speak with Martelly again.

Celestin was Preval’s man.

Manigat, after accepting a lot of cash and favors, became Preval’s woman. A distasteful though to most.

And Martelly was expected to be a distant second.

Celestin’s elimination and an amazing situation in which Manigat had a load of drug dealers running her campaign – badly, while Martelly had a Spanish guy, running his campaign brilliantly, saw Martelly sweep the table.

Martelly had the support of Haiti’s Base. The people at the bottom of the system. Unfortunately, Martelly has surrounded himself with self-centered people who only think of their pockets. Martelly promised Security and Schooling and has effectively failed to deliver either. We have a lot of smoke and mirrors, but little concrete results.

Martelly can still make a positive difference, but he must get rid of people like the Mayard-Pauls and others who think of themselves, before the Nation.


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  1. Im ashamed of all these so called people complaining about Martelly,for god sake he just got elected.Why dont they complain about the powers that just left office and the powers that walked of with over 800 million U>S>dollars.Be realistic he cannot get nothing done with them old/theiving/uneducated one way of looking at things guys in Parliment.The ones that are trying to crash and bash martelley are the one that have been stealing since the begining, I am a simple bussiness man with 3 kids and want to see change in Haiti,but you uneducatted journalist are causing all the problems.Why’ please guys, lets see were this guy takes us– know this respect I live here and I want change

    1. Tracy Wilford- Please try to refrain from calling journalists uneducated when you cannot even spell correctly. Uneducated only has one T.

      These same journalists also live in Haiti, and have been there longer than you would imagine. You also ask why “they don’t complain about the others?”- Try reading more articles here, then make another comment….

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