Haiti asks for delay in halving of UN peacekeeping force ahead of elections

UNITED NATIONS –  Haiti asked the U.N. on Wednesday to delay a plan that would nearly cut in half its peacekeeping force there, just as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere is poised to enter a tense election period.

Ambassador Denis Regis warned the U.N. Security Council that the withdrawal, which begins this month, will jeopardize the country’s security situation. President Michel Martelly made the same plea in a letter to the U.N. this month.

“We all understand what’s at stake here,” Regis told the council. “We must avoid any premature disengagement.”

Under pressure from the United States and the Security Council, which visited the country in January, Haiti this month scheduled its presidential election for October and set an August date for long-delayed legislative elections that have been a source of growing political friction.

Haiti’s leaders would like the U.N. peacekeeping reduction to wait until the elections are over.

The current plan says the number of multinational troops in Haiti will drop to 2,370 from 5,021 by June.

The United States supported the reduction Wednesday, while other permanent council members said Haiti’s national police will be able to help ensure calm during the elections.

“Ultimately the responsibility for ensuring (the elections’) success lies with Haitians,” U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power said.

But more than a dozen countries lined up against the cuts, including Canada, New Zealand and number of Latin American countries.

The U.N. peacekeeping mission in the island country of 10 million people was established in 2004 after the ouster of then-President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.


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1 thought on “Haiti asks for delay in halving of UN peacekeeping force ahead of elections

  1. As much as I hate the U.N soldiers over there Haiti’s police is not yet enough to control such a rebellious, destructive, and hard-headed nation like Haitians. If the U.N leaves today, Haitians will go back to “operation Baghdad 2” where they just kill their brothers and sisters. Haitians need a strong arm system. Hopefully a benevolent one but still strong Arm. Haitians were successfully controlled and Haiti progressed under Emperor Dessaline, King Henry Christophe and The Duvaliers. These were all strong arm men. like them or not their systems forced the nation to work in the country moved forward. Second, Haiti must have a real army atleast with M-16s stored away and RPGs stored away. They may train on them and given access to them only when the nation is under major attack. because “anmwe News” reported the Dominican Republic sent military helicopters and aircraft on the Haitian border. Dominican soldiers arrested Haitian fishermen in Haitian-waters. And then fired bullets into Haiti attempting to shoot the people. We need soldiers for the contries domestic affair and if the D.R loses its mind and try to invade. The RPGs will easily take care of their old planes if use correctly with our high mountains. The m-16 are well enough. But unless there is an invasion our soldiers may not carry them in the country, only a pistol may be carried. This will prevent coups. However, Munistah can’t just leave without being prepared. OTHERWISE,Our people will burn us to ashes.

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