Haiti – Agriculture : FAO distributes seeds… of the discord…

Many growers of Petit-Goâve, harshly criticized the local office of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for a bad seed sharing.

According to them, the local FAO distributes to farmers, as part of the implementation of a project to support farmers, agricultural inputs (yams, cassava, bananas, peas) with the help of local organizations, while taking away, the municipal agricultural office of the city ! However, the FAO office and the municipal agricultural office, share the same building and it is with the approval of the municipal agricultural office, that the Directorate General of FAO has installed one of its offices in Petit Goâve…

Although some farmers congratulate and thank FAO for its support, many others are raising their voices against the way FAO distributes seeds at the commune level. According to them, much of the agricultural inputs are sometimes consumed by certain beneficiaries or sold by others… They blame the FAO to have distributed seeds in the wrong location, claiming that it is “waste” and that the localities known for the cultivation of yams, bananas and cassava are excluded from the distribution. They ask the local office of the FAO, to correct these anomalies and to hear the voice of the peasant majority.

Asked about this, Sterlin Frenel, the Director of the municipal agricultural office of Petit-Goâve, recognizes that the FAO makes important actions, but that is commits some errors in the field because it does not follow the advice “It has acted preferably alone, or by making association with some peasant organizations that defend their interests, rather than follow the advice and guidance of technicians.”

Officials of the local office of the FAO refused to respond to the press on this subject.

HL/ HaitiLibre / Guyto Mathieu (Correspondent Petit-Goâve)


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