Medal presented to Haitian Major Guy Phillipe for leading element that forced President Jean-Bertrand Aristide into exile, February, 2004.

April 28, 2014
Ten years have passed since Guy Philippe, and his small band of brothers, moved to topple Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a President who was responsible for huge thefts from Haiti’s treasury, the murder of dozens, and control of the gigantic cocaine trade that saw hundreds of tons of the powder smuggled into the United States.

Aristide is said to have amassed a fortune in excess of $1,500,000,000 and a filing cabinet of dossiers that are rumored to keep many foreign leaders under his thumb.

Haiti is the place of improbable stories, some that are actually fact.

Some say Haitians prefer fiction to fact.

That is the nature of this place.

We hear the legend of how Aristide confronted American authorities, when they tried to accelerate his departure for the Central African Republic, because the aircraft was waiting. The story sees him asking Luis Moreno, the American embassy representative, who was applying pressure, and finally told Aristide he would be arrested for cocaine trafficking, if he did not depart….. “You mean to say, if I took money, I am guilty of an indictable offense??” queries Aristide, smiling distantly, an emotion that doesn’t reach his eyes. It never does.

The story sees Moreno replying in the affirmative at which time Aristide pulled an envelope, from his pocket, handing it to the American, urging him to read – aloud – the contents, to the Americans and Haitians present at this moment.

Fact, or fiction?

The story sees the envelope opened, the paper unfolded, to reveal some two dozen names of very, very, very high level Americans. Some suggest the name of an American President, possibly a Secretary of State…. When the American saw this, according to the legend, he rapidly folded the paper, placing it in the envelope, telling Aristide to take whatever time he required, the aircraft would wait.

And so the anti-American, cocaine trafficking, murdering, thief, of major proportions, was flown into a luxurious exile, paid for the American Treasury, when he should have been brought to justice.

Back to Guy Philippe.

Had elections to replace Aristide been held, within 45 – 90 days – as required by the Haitian Constitution, Guy Philippe would have been elected President. The Constitution was ignored and Gerard Latortue was named to head a Provisional Government. He managed to do this with admirable incompetence, and stole millions in the process.

The American government appreciated Guy’s effort.

In fact, the Americans gave Guy a  Defense Distinguished Service Medal. Go to Wikipedia to see it-

That is all he received. Since that time he has fought for a meager existence in Pestel, operating a few children’s schools and a guest house.

On occasion, the DEA had swooped down in efforts to arrest him on evidence generated by Aristide when he tried to get the Dominican government to extradite him before 2004.

Enough is enough.

The Scales of Justice are supposed to be balanced.

Justice is supposed to be blind, dealing equally with everyone.

Were this actually the case, Aristide, Preval, and a hundred of their supporters, would be in jail for their control of the massive cocaine traffic into the United States throughout their years in power.

Aristide, Preval, and their associates live unafraid in their luxurious homes. Many possess American visas, allowing free travel at any moment.

Guy Philippe remains in poverty, harassed by the Government of the United States.

Several years ago, Guy Philippe offered to take a polygraph test, with regard to the DEA claims of involvement in the drug business. The Americans declined this offer.

Perhaps there is some perverse, unfair lesson here for any who would work to assist the American Government.

Seems as though there is more profit, and security in being the Americans’ enemy – provided that you hold some dynamite dossiers that could topple political leaders, past and present, in Washington.

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  1. The USA would never do anything to hurt their friend titide, especially since he can have them all incriminated for their allowing his drugs to enter the country. Of course, the USA officials are deeply involved in drug smuggling. Always have been, all the way back to when the USA was formed- their Navy was built to enforce Hemp production for sail cloth, and anyone trying to steal their market share was attacked.

    Line every one of them against a wall and put a single bullet in each of their heads.

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