Guatemala election: Presidential poll amid political crisis-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Guatemalans are heading to the polls in presidential elections amid a deep political crisis.

Former President Otto Perez Molina resigned earlier this week and was swiftly arrested over a customs fraud scheme.

Many Guatemalans have called for the polls to be postponed in the wake of the allegations.

Leading contenders include centre-right businessman Manuel Baldizon and comic actor Jimmy Morales.

If, as expected, no candidate wins 50% of the vote there will be a second round of voting on 25 October.

There have been calls for Guatemalans to wear black clothes of mourning as they cast their vote, amid scepticism that the poll can achieve political change.

Prosecutors accuse Mr Perez Molina of masterminding a scheme in which businessmen paid bribes to evade customs charges. He denies involvement.



Guatemala has dealt with it’s Douane corruption.

Haiti has lost $300,000,000 since the departure of Laurent Lamothe and a change in Customs Director.

Perhaps there is hope for Haiti.

A Transitional Government?

Fire the CEP.

Create a new CEP and Electoral Law.

Have the Nation’s first truly free-and-fair elections.

We are not optimistic.

Live in Hope.

Die in Despair.

Such is the life of Haiti.


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