Good things are happening in Onaville

Over the past two years we have reported about Cheryl teaching Haitian ladies craft skills to help them earn a living. Well, the work goes on. Cheryl is currently working with a new class of 21 ladies. And Cheryl says, “This new group of ladies is producing amazing baskets. They have never been better!”

These baskets are sold to mission team members that come to NVM in Haiti and many are taken back to the US to be sold in churches and gift shops. This income makes the difference between feeding their children and going to bed hungry.

And these ladies are being fed spiritually as well. Many of them attend Onaville Worship Chapel. Take a minute to look at the photos below of the class held just yesterday. We have also included a few photos of the Onaville church (big tent) and the church grounds. A security wall is being build, a water purification system is providing clean water, there is room for kids to play in a safe environment and a building is being constructed for church offices, storage and a permanent home for the water purification system.

God is moving in Onaville and it is our privilege to play a part in what God is doing.

Serving on your behalf in Haiti,

Jim & Cheryl Warner

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