Gang boss Barbecue threatens new Haiti government – ‘I’ll know where your kids are’

Haiti’s fearsome gang boss Jimmy ‘Barbecue’ Cherizier has issued a chilling threat to the politicians behind plans for a new government.

Barbecue’s murderous mob plunged the Caribbean country into chaos earlier this month, demanding that absentee Prime Minister Ariel Henry resign.

Under pressure from the international community, unelected Henry agreed on Monday (March 11) to cede power to a Transitional Presidential Council that will govern Haiti until elections can take place.

Plans for the council were rejected on Wednesday (March 13), but on Thursday (March 14) officials said the majority of Haitian parties and coalitions were in agreement. The names of those who will sit on the council were submitted to CARICOM, a trading block of Caribbean countries that is aiding Haiti’s transition.

However, gangs now control a vast swathe of the country and experts say any new government will likely have to negotiate with them. Although violence subsided following Henry’s resignation, shootings started again late on Wednesday and officials were forced to extend the nighttime curfew until Sunday (March 17).

Barbecue – the gang leader at the centre of the violence – released a seven minute audio message that has been shared on WhatsApp, threatening the politicians who look set to take part in the Transitional Presidential Council.

'I’ll know if your kids are in Haiti,' Barbecue warned those behind the new government
‘I’ll know if your kids are in Haiti,’ Barbecue warned those behind the new government (Image: Getty Images)

VOA reports he said: “Don’t you have any shame? You have taken the country where it is today. You have no idea what will happen.

“I’ll know if your kids are in Haiti, if your wives are in Haiti… if your husbands are in Haiti. If you’re going to run the country, all your family ought to be there.”

Barbecue previously said his mob “do not care about Ariel Henry’s resignation”, telling W Radio: “We are going to continue the fight for Haiti’s liberation.”


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