Two Moroccan Illushyn cargo jets arrived in Port-au-Prince with cargos of relief supplies for Haiti’s desperate population. There was no one there to meet them. There is not one to take charge of the cargos There is absolutely no infrastructure to absorb the massive inflow of relief supplies.

And in this situation, the Port-au-Prince Mayor issued a statement to the effect that all businessmen, with stocks of foodstuffs, must – immediately – turn this over to his control, or suffer the consequences.  Now, one should understand, from the outset, that the mayor is a totally incompetent and ineffective Preval appointee. One must also understand that his infrastructure, flowed though it may have been – is no longer in existence.  Earthquake PREVAL has totally destroyed all of the ministries and killed their staffs.

The mayor was acting on Preval’s direct orders in an attempt to create a conflict between the starving Mob and Haiti’s business community. Preval wants to start a civil war to destroy all infrastructure that remains. This has always been his goal, since 1991, and Earthquake PREVAL has given him his last opportunity.

Perhaps the nation will not survive.


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